Small Talk Shop: Meet and Greet with Sagent Customers at IGNITE 2024 – VIDEO 

At this year’s Ignite Conference 2024 in Denver, CO, Team Sagent and hundreds of our customers enjoyed the camp-style ambiance, engaging through various sessions and hands-on trainings. Small Talk Shop hosts, Rachel Crooks and Mary Kate Traficano, traveled to Ignite to chat with some of Sagent’s incredible customers to get social, serious, and everything in between.  

Let’s dive into the episode: 

Host Rachel Crooks kicked off the episode with a light and fun conversation featuring Cassie Tappa, Manager of Customer Experience Strategy at MGIC. The first segment of the interview, “Let’s Get Social,” asked Cassie to reveal some of her most controversial opinions, including if a hot dog is a sandwich, if fruit is a dessert, and if dogs or cats are superior. (00.45) 

To wrap up the conversation, Rachel asked what emoji she uses when she knows she’s right. Cassie humbly answered she doesn’t like to rub it in people’s faces (but, if she had to, it’d be 🧐). (1:40) 

Mary Kate picked up where Rachel left off by interviewing Josh Dalke, Manager of Customer Service at Gateway. Josh — an Ignite veteran — offered advice to participants who are attending for the first time (2:25)

I think this is the best opportunity every year to network with people that you’re just not going to be able to interface with in person. I think getting out of your shell is the best advice I can give.

Mary Kate then moved into the “Let’s Get Social” portion of the interview, where opinions take the lead. Josh has some strong controversial beliefs, including which way toilet paper should go on the roll, the preferred temperature to be uncomfortable in, and the validity of cargo shorts. Closing the conversation, Mary Kate and Josh both agreed that a bar of soap can totally and undeniably be dirty. (3:15) 

Mary Kate chatted next with Bryan Somerland, Regional Vice President of Proctor Loan Protector. She started with the “Let’s Get Smart” section, asking Bryan what services Proctor provides and how Proctor sets itself apart from the competition. Bryan explained that Proctor’s products work with Sagent’s LoanServ platform to deliver the best quality product to the customer (4:38). In his words, 

We provide these services for mortgage servicers and those using the Sagent LoanServ platform. We have tight integration with that platform that provides efficiencies for our clients.

Bryan, we couldn’t agree more and are beyond thrilled to have you and the entire Proctor team as partners. 

Moving on to the next segment, Bryan shared his stance on the hot topics (5:20). He had strong opinions in the tap vs. bottled water debate and if socks are OK with sandals. When asked his opinion on whether a hot dog is a sandwich, he threw Mary Kate quite a curveball: 

I feel like a hot dog is actually more of a holiday. I don’t know if I’d call it a sandwich.

A holiday?? Now that’s quite an interesting approach, and honestly, makes the most sense.  

Rachel then continued by interviewing Karnesto Ward, Loss Mitigation Manager at Trustmark and another Ignite veteran. She started the conversation by asking Karnesto his biggest takeaway from day one of Ignite. (7:20) 

Karnesto told Rachel how the camaraderie brought attendees together and fostered conversation. He also mentioned how nice it was to have the opportunity to network with other professionals. 

As they moved into more of an airy conversation, in his “Let’s Get Social” segment, Karnesto shared his thoughts on A/C and windows in cars, the most fun stage of life, and the acceptability of denim-on-denim. (8:25) 

Rachel held the last interview with Kareem Crooks, Director of Business Systems at Marriott. Rachel asked if whether he thought through Camp Ignite there is “s’more” possibility with Sagent. Kareem shared that Ignite opened his eyes to the full capabilities of Sagent CARE and Tempo platforms, and the potential opportunities and value for Marriott. (10:30) 

Rachel really dug in with the controversial questions, including whether anyone can make a bike helmet sexy, if beards make men more attractive, and if bare feet are gross. (11:28) 

Thank you to all that participated in our in-person Ignite Small Talk Shop edition! We couldn’t have done it without your partnership. 

Even if you missed this year’s Ignite, don’t miss this week’s episode and join in on the fun! Don’t forget to let us know which opinions you agree or disagree with. Watch the full episode here:


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