Sagent CEO Geno Paluso Named Inman Best in Finance of 2024 

Sagent prides itself on its visionary leaders who use their experience and expertise to navigate the highly regulated mortgage servicing industry while also operationalizing the right tools to create better outcomes for the industry at large. In the face of this ever-changing landscape, Sagent’s leadership has revolutionized the industry with its future-of-servicing platform, Dara

Recently, Inman News announced their most recent award campaign, honoring our CEO, Geno Paluso with the “Best of Finance” Award. This award is given to those “pushing the envelope and reshaping the homebuying space,” and we couldn’t agree more given Geno’s relentless, relevant, and reliable leadership approach to push forward our mission to lead the evolution in loan servicing by solving its most complex challenges.  

Geno has been a vocal advocate for Dara — and key component to implementing the platform for the industry at large — which seeks to reduce total operational costs for servicers by up to 40%.* 

This year, Inman continues to highlight the extraordinary achievements of professionals who are setting new standards in the mortgage and financial services sectors of the real estate industry,” said Emily Paquette, Inman CEO. “Their relentless pursuit of excellence and dedication to improving community services is what truly sets them apart.

Since assuming his CEO role in early 2024, Geno has been respected both for his leadership at Sagent and for his service to our nation. In May, Geno was honored with HireQuest’s American Hero Award, an accolade that recognizes individuals for their actions in fighting the global war on terror.  

Geno’s career as a Navy SEAL, military leader, and commander of multiple SEAL teams deployed across the globe has equipped him with governance skills that he has brought to Sagent, helping to further drive our vision to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem to deliver positive homeowner outcomes. 

Geno’s recognition by Inman is well-deserved and we at Sagent couldn’t be prouder of all his accomplishments. Please join us in congratulating Geno! 

* Based on a benchmark model of aggregate ops cost-per-loan reductions across boarding, cash processing, escrows, statements, call center, IA/IR, collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims, QA/QC, collateral management. Excludes other corporate cost (e.g., finance, HR) and cost of servicing platform. Sagent can model Dara performance scenarios using each individual servicer’s data. If you’re a servicer, contact Sagent to perform this analysis specific to your portfolio. 


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