Account Connect

Servicing That Never Sleeps


Offer your borrowers the online servicing experience they’ve been asking for with Account Connect.


According to a 2017 Expectations & Experiences study, only 12% of borrowers call their lender with a question about payment, the rest rely on their laptop or mobile device for information.


Give your borrowers the intuitive self-service tools they want, while you enjoy cost-savings, increased compliance, and happy customers.

Satisfy your borrowers with a solution that meets their needs with a modern interface:

  • Contextual help / guidance
  • Multilingual settings
  • ADA accessibility
  • Mobile optimized
  • Various messaging options – fax, e-mail, mail
  • Seamless and secure login
  • WCAG compliance

A set-up that’s easy and automated for servicers:

  • Targeted messaging / advertising
  • Configurable, dynamic request forms
  • Simple loan boarding
  • Enhanced payment features / functionality


Reduce your loan servicing costs and increase your efficiency today with Account Connect, call