Step Up Your Loan Servicing

    Don’t let multiple, separate systems slow down your agents and drive up operational costs. Service any retail loan with ease using real-time data with LoanServ. Increase the efficiency of important functions like:
  • Loan boarding
  • Customer service
  • Payment processing
  • Escrow administration
  • Payoff release
  • Collections
  • Default management
  • Investor administration

Boost your loan servicing efficiency with these key benefits:

  • Real-time loan processing
  • Investor support
  • Integrated default management
  • Client-defined workflow automation
  • Subservicing capabilities
  • Built-in collections and loss mitigation tools

Partnering with you today, tomorrow, and through the foreseeable future

You are an integral part of our design and development process.

The solutions here at Sagent Lending Technologies are carefully crafted with your company in mind. This is why Sagent is steadfastly committed to cultivating a vibrant back-and-forth between you, our client, and our talented team of professionals.   As a member of our rich community of lending clients, you can comment on LoanServ and our other lending solutions, as well as enjoy best-in-class service with a true technology partnership by calling in or by visiting us at any one of our upcoming events.

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Consumer Loan Servicing with LoanServ

Service Your Retail Loans and Lines More Efficiently

Are you supporting consumer loan products across different systems? Instead of servicing individual lending products with different systems, harness the power of a system that can take on all of your retail loans. The LoanServ solution from Sagent Lending Technologies will help you to lower cost of servicing, improve ability to provide superior service to your customers and efficiently manage default and loss.

Reduce Servicing Costs

Offer 24-hour borrower self-service with LoanServ