About Sagent

About Sagent Lending Technologies 

Inspired by a vision of where lending technology is going, Sagent Lending Technologies brings an entrepreneurial energy to clients that’s grounded by industry-leading credibility.

Today, we proudly carry forward a history rich in commitment to our clients and extensive experience within the mortgage and consumer lending spaces. But this is more than just a name – it’s a transformation in our business towards stronger partnerships, a sharper focus, and the ability to move swiftly and grow wisely.


You are the why.

When you excel, we excel.

You help people pursue their dreams. Whether that’s borrowing to buy a home or to accomplish other financial goals.  You must deliver fast, easy, innovative, and safe borrower experiences that align to your brand while managing risk and growing smartly. That’s where we come in.

Sagent Lending Technologies empowers you to achieve your business objectives and deliver positive borrower experiences. We blend expert perspective with relentless service and technical excellence with interpersonal trust.

Sagent Lending Technologies is committed to helping you realize your brand promises and will stay faithful to your brand identity. We’re focused, as always, on delivering the best possible experience to your customers, which is our continued promise to you.

Our values are what drives us every single day

Think like a client

Our performance depends on having a working knowledge of what’s important to you and your business. If we know what success looks like to you, we’ll arrive at the same destination.

Be open to and encourage diverse perspectives

We problem-solve together because this is how we build relationships based on trust. Open collaboration is the only way we know how to work.

Have the conversation that matters

We pinpoint the issues. We circle back. We probe until the heart of the matter surfaces. We do this because it matters and it makes all of us better.

Deliver today while building for tomorrow

We meet commitments and show you all of the possibilities. We deliver with confidence in the present moment and also pave the way for future successes.

It’s on me, it’s on us

It’s about accountability. It’s about owning outcomes.

Customer service is just a promise.

Until you power it with solutions that delight borrowers.

We understand how to tailor our solutions to your distinct needs. Why? Because we take the time to get to know you. Person-to-person. Partner-to-partner. Growing wisely means providing scalable lending solutions that grow with your business to help you fulfill the brand promises that you have made to your borrowers. It also means having the flexibility to provide solutions that configure to your evolving lending needs.


Together with you to succeed

Sagent Lending Technologies is only successful when you’re successful. This is why we believe in a true partnership model, one that helps you originate more loans, be a better servicer, and helps you deliver on your commitment to customer service. Together we can grow wisely.