Sagent Standouts: Rachel Crooks’ Relentless Pursuit of Homeownership Dreams 

At Sagent, we’re proud to celebrate the incredible achievements of our team members, both in and out of the office. As a special National Homeownership Month edition of our Sagent Standouts series, we’re thrilled to spotlight Rachel Crooks, Customer Engagement Consultant, who has been on a remarkable journey to transform a historic Tiffin home into her dream residence. 

In June 2021, Rachel and her partner Josh Conley purchased a home in Tiffin, Ohio. Despite the home’s state of disrepair, Rachel saw its potential and was determined to bring it back to life. 

Over the past three years, Rachel and Josh have poured their hearts into the renovation process, chronicling their journey on Instagram through the eyes of their beloved dog, Carlow. 

The couple tackled the demolition phase themselves, with the help of Rachel’s parents, and brought in skilled contractors for specialized tasks. They’ve worked to preserve the home’s unique features while making necessary updates. 

The Green House, as it’s affectionately known, has become a true labor of love. Rachel’s keen eye for design and passion for antique collecting have shaped the home’s distinctive style, with each room featuring a touch of her favorite color, green. 

As the renovation nears completion, Rachel and Josh have shifted their focus to the home’s exterior. They’ve resided the garage, replaced windows, and are planning a sunroom addition. It’s a testament to their relentless pursuit of their homeownership dreams. 

Throughout this journey, Rachel and Josh have discovered the home’s rich history and its connections to the Tiffin community. They’ve been touched by the stories shared by neighbors and passersby who have fond memories of the home and its previous owners. 

At Sagent, we’re inspired by Rachel’s dedication, creativity, and resilience. Her story embodies the spirit of National Homeownership Month, celebrating the joy and pride that comes with creating a home that truly reflects one’s personality and values. 

We’re honored to have Rachel as part of our team and to share her incredible journey with our Sagent community. Her relentless pursuit of her homeownership dreams is a shining example of the passion and determination that drives our Sagent Standouts. To follow along with Rachel and Josh’s continuing renovation adventure, be sure to check out @carlowsgreenhouse on Instagram. 


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