Sagent CTO on How Dara Is Powering the Future of Mortgage Servicing – PODCAST 

At Sagent, innovation and modernization are not just part of our strategy: they define our path forward. In a recent episode of Fintech Fridays, our Chief Technology Officer, Uday Devalla, joined Brian Vieaux to discuss Sagent’s new unified servicing platform Dara by Sagent, comprised of six components (Core, Consumer, Default, Data, Movement, AI). 

Brian kicked off the episode by asking Uday to share his view on the servicing landscape. Plus, Uday provided some insight into our new platform — Dara by Sagent — emphasizing how this platform is the future of servicing, streamlining processes for servicers and the homeowners we all serve. 

[Dara] is a full end-to-end servicing platform, and the only one in the industry today. Everything from the moment you start boarding loans, all the way through the end of the default cycle, whether it is a foreclosure, bankruptcy, property price, or REO. Whatever it is, it’s one single platform. 

Uday went on to explain how Dara will eliminate the need for multiple systems while enabling real-time updates for servicers and homeowners.   

If a customer makes a payment online, that payment can be reflected in real-time across the entire servicing process. Even if that customer is in the loss mitigation process, they will get a real-time update that a payment has been made. 

Sagent’s customers range from some of the largest servicers in the industry to those that manage only a few thousand loans. In fact, Uday noted that over 50% of Sagent’s customers have less than half of a million loans in their portfolio. Regardless of their size, Dara allows all consumers to have the same high-end system experience. Uday said, 

We have the full spectrum of servicers as our clients, and our platform, support all of them. Everybody benefits from this experience. 

Uday described how Dara’s real-time capabilities provide customers with the ability to self-service across the entire servicing ecosystem. This will in turn reduce costs for servicers.  

If you bring the cost down from a servicing perspective, by providing more services consumers can do on their own within the regulatory and compliance framework that the system is built around, the better it is from a cost perspective for the servicer. 

Incorporated into Dara is Dara AI | Docs, mortgage-specific intelligence which can transform unstructured collateral into digitized records and extracted data. 

We’ve been running predictive AI models on our platforms for almost two and a half years now. We also announced Dara AI | Docs, which is a doc classification, extraction, and automation platform [that] is one of the best in the industry… On top of that, we have predictive models and machine learning models that refine its ability to recognize docs and extract data at a very high percentage rate.

Uday and Brian wrapped up the conversation with Uday’s vision for the future of servicing.  

From Sagent’s point of view, an end-to-end platform which has intelligence, data, and AI embedded into it — and can react to interactions in real-time — is the future of servicing… and that is what we are delivering with Dara.

Listen + watch the full episode below.


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