Down to the Roots: Empowering Homeowners During Hardship with Dara Loss Mitigation

Automation and real-time data are at the heart of Dara Loss Mitigation, increasing efficiencies for both servicers and homeowners. Loss mitigation is our next focus in our ongoing series on Dara’s six core tenets: Core, Data, AI, Default, Movement, and Consumer.

Let’s dive in.

Dara Loss Mitigation Leverages Automation to Ease the Burden on Homeowners

Dara delivers an end-to-end digital experience, collecting all necessary information needed to complete a claim within a single, straightforward question-and-answer application. With Dara, Loss Mitigation, information is uploaded and sent to the servicer in real-time, allowing for quick and secure transfers of data.

Dara’s consumer-focused automation allows homeowners (and servicers) to upload, update, and notarize documents all from within the same system, expediting the claims process and relieving the stress of manual document management and review. 

Personalized Support & Real-Time Updates for Distressed Homeowners

Dara Loss Mitigation empowers servicers to provide compassionate, personalized assistance for homeowners when they need it most. 

Real-time updates reduce stress for homeowners by allowing them to manage every mortgage detail — plus combining that digital simplicity with smart human advice, most importantly, from any device — is what makes Dara the future of servicing for both parties.

Dara offers homeowners real-time updates and visibility into the status of their claims and submitted documents. This transparency in the loss mitigation process provides peace of mind to homeowners facing hardship, while also reducing the volume of inbound calls and keeping homeowners engaged and informed (in real time, mind you) throughout the entire claims process.

Why Should Servicers Choose Dara?

Featuring greater transparency and opportunities for personalized service, Dara turns hardships like loss mitigation into opportunities to strengthen relationships with homeowners. Workflow automation and real-time data power faster decision-making, allowing for resolutions to be made in hours, not days.

Be on the lookout for the next post as we get down to the roots of Dara.


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