Darby Campbell, Sagent’s Head of Product for Dara, Recognized with HousingWire’s Rising Star Award 

As the Head of Product Development for Dara, Darby Campbell played an instrumental role in Sagent’s successful launch of the platform in February. So, when honored with HousingWire’s Rising Star award, it came as no surprise given his reliable partnership, relentless work ethic, and relevant knowledge to create better outcomes for the industry at large.

HousingWire’s Rising Star Award is given to emerging leaders in the mortgage and housing industries who have “an undeniable and outsized influence on both the industry and their respective business.” Darby embodies this quality through his drive to develop innovative servicing practices and his hands-on leadership approach that pushes our product team to think outside the traditional technology box. 

When it came down to selecting the winners, this is what HousingWire had to say about Darby’s outstanding efforts here at Sagent: 

Darby’s dedication and perseverance in pioneering Dara’s end-to-end servicing capabilities have been critical in ensuring the success of Dara, and the broader Sagent servicing ecosystem.

Read on to learn more about how Darby’s expertise elevates the standards Sagent is delivering to the servicing landscape.

Darby at Sagent

A 25-year veteran of the industry, Darby’s experience with every facet of servicing allows him to identify vulnerabilities within the servicing ecosystem and drive innovations that tackle some of the biggest challenges facing servicers and homeowners. This includes playing an instrumental role in the development of Dara’s end-to-end capabilities that enable the platform to deliver real-time data and self-service options to users. He also breaks down silos by working across Sagent’s compliance, customer service, and legal teams to ensure transparency and awareness across teams. 

Being a mortgage tech veteran, Darby commands a deep understanding of the various consumer and operational pain points of the industry, with this knowledge ultimately motivating him to create the revolutionary servicing platform, Dara.

Darby’s Leadership

Darby has always been someone to take on a challenge that others shy away from. Heading into the development of Dara, Darby understood that success comes with the ability to learn from failure. His knack for leveraging setbacks to shape and guide the development of the product is integral to the platform’s capabilities.  

Darby has excelled in leading collaboration with Sagent’s other product teams such as LoanServ, TEMPO, and CARE. Leaning on the knowledge he has accrued from his wide breadth of experience in the servicing industry, he has worked with his teams to create the most comprehensive and impactful servicing product possible. 

Darby’s role as an innovator and pioneer who is committed to changing servicing for the better could not better represent the mission and goals of Sagent.

Leading Into the Future

Darby’s commitment to innovation and eagerness to tackle the problems facing the servicing industry embodies our mindset at Sagent. Whether leading from the frontlines of development or lending his expertise to enhance cross-department collaboration, Darby is a crucial component of our future success. 

We could not be prouder of his recognition by HousingWire and expect to see more awards coming his way as he continues to drive innovation at Sagent.


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