Sagent and Kyndryl: Revolutionizing Mortgage Servicing Through Digital Transformation

The U.S. mortgage industry, particularly in the servicing sector, has lagged in embracing digital transformation. Recognizing this gap, Sagent has stepped up to lead the charge in modernizing the mortgage servicing experience. Our vision is clear: to create a platform that is accessible anytime, anywhere, and powered by cutting-edge data and AI to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem to deliver positive homeowner outcomes

Partnerships with industry leaders like Kyndryl are a cornerstone of our future-of-servicing model. Expanding on this relevant collaboration, our CTO, Uday Devalla and Robert Turner (Kyndryl’s US Financial Services general manager) recently sat down with Manisha Tank (Anchor/Correspondent, CNN International) for a segment on Kyndryl’s Economist Impact’s “Profiles of Progress”.

Uday emphasized the importance of this transformation: 

In today’s world, data and technology are everywhere, right? Consumers use it pretty much everywhere at any time of the day. And so our goal is to make our platform be like that to be available for our customers and their consumers, probably 24/7, any time and anywhere, fed with data and artificial intelligence.

Collaborating with Kyndryl has been instrumental in achieving our modernization goals. Uday highlights the significance of this partnership: 

The first step was modernizing the infrastructure in terms of moving away from the legacy data centers in the cloud. And that’s where we partnered with Kyndryl on the cloud stack. It was a very successful move for us.

But modernization is about more than just technology. It’s about transforming business processes and improving the lives of the people who use our systems. As Uday points out,

Sagent focuses on three things: 1) cost, 2) compliance, and 3) customer. We want to make sure that we show the value in all three areas for our customers, and get them to adopt the new platforms and new technologies that we have.

The release of our groundbreaking platform, Dara, exemplifies this commitment to innovation. Fully cloud-based and powered by real-time data and AI, Dara offers unparalleled transparency, automation, and predictive capabilities. It empowers operators with productivity improvements, provides valuable insights for customers, and delivers an exceptional consumer experience.

As we navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, the enhanced visibility and transparency provided by platforms like Dara will prove invaluable. 

Uday explains, “I do think that from a feature perspective, a lot of these technologies will actually make innovation easier because the level of transparency that will be available is very, very helpful from a regulation perspective, because, ultimately, I think that’s what really matters is to be able to have visibility into what is going on, into the consumer interactions into the business processes and so on.”

At Sagent, we are not just transforming technology; we are revolutionizing the mortgage servicing industry. By leveraging strategic partnerships, harnessing the power of data and AI, and focusing on cost, compliance, and customer satisfaction, we are paving the way for a more efficient, transparent, and customer-centric future. To watch the full interview with Uday, check it out here.


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