Down to the Roots: How Dara AI | Docs Drives Up to 40% Total Operational Cost Reduction 

Dara AI | Docs takes center stage in the next post in our blog series delving into Dara’s six core tenets: Core, Data, AI, Default, Movement, and Consumer, and is the main anchor of these principles.   

What is Dara AI | Docs? 

Dara AI | Docs is spearheading Sagent’s goal of revolutionizing and modernizing the servicing industry by delivering a more efficient and safer loan servicing experience, supported by mortgage-specific intelligence. Using this intelligence, Dara AI | Docs provides customers with up to a 70% increase in efficiency* across the entire loan lifecycle compared to a benchmark aggregate model. This efficiency significantly contributes to Dara’s potential to cut servicing cost per loan by up to 40%.* 

Dara AI | Docs is capable of reading and analyzing over 200 different types of documents — including pay stubs, deeds, and documents that include stamps and signatures — taking the stress and time out of manual document indexing, management, and review. Servicers can leverage Dara AI | Docs to transform loose documents from homeowners into digitized records, accessible in a single end-to-end management system.  

How Dara AI | Docs Modernizes the Servicing Industry 

Dara AI | Docs facilitates the seamless movement of loans through document and data-related transactions, providing servicers with the information they need in real-time. With the ability to process up to 5,280 loan files per day, servicers can use Dara AI | Docs to grow their profitability while keeping homeowners happy.    

Dara’s AI-enabled workflows take the challenge and stress out of regulatory compliance for servicers by automating complicated processes. Enhanced data integrity and loan bidding due diligence facilitate compliance and avoid costly missteps, so servicers can feel confident in their decisions.  

Explore the Benefits of Dara AI | Docs Today 

Sagent’s launch of Dara is bringing America’s $14 trillion servicing industry into the future through smart and creative integration of AI. Dara AI, one of Dara’s six essential components, stands out as an innovative solution designed to increase efficiency and profits for servicers.  

Be on the lookout for our next post in this series which will dive into Dara Loss Mitigation! 

*Based on a benchmark model of aggregate ops cost-per-loan reductions across boarding, cash processing, escrows, statements, call center, IA/IR, collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims, QA/QC, collateral management. Excludes other corporate cost (e.g., finance, HR) and cost of servicing platform. Contact us to model scenarios using your data. 


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