Down to the Roots: How Dara Claims Can Reduce Cost-Per-Loan Up to 60% with End-to-End Data 

Last month, Sagent shook up the servicing industry with the release of Dara, the first mortgage servicing platform to unify all data and user experiences, for servicers and homeowners, across the entire servicing lifecycle. Dara is the latest step in Sagent’s mission to lead the evolution in America’s $14 trillion servicing industry. 

We’ll dive into each of Dara’s six essential root components: Core, Data, AI, Default, Movement, and Consumer, kicking off the series focusing on Default, more specifically, on Dara Claims, which provides a dramatically improved claim recovery system with less risk and lower costs.  

What Is Dara Claims? 

Dara Claims is a first-of-its-kind recoverability tool. Utilizing automation and mortgage-specific large language models, Dara streamlines the claims process, quickly and accurately determining a claim’s eligibility for recovery. 

Dara’s unified platform is optimized to fit each servicer’s unique needs, featuring configurable quality control checklists and a rules engine configurable for investor and insurer rules. The new platform supports FHA, VA, USDA, FNMA, FHLMC, and MI loan and produces an average 50-60% reduction in cost-per-loan*  

How Dara Claims Uses Data and AI to Increase Efficiency  

Dara Claims integrates automation and real-time data to simplify the claims process for servicers, reducing manual data entry that can be time-consuming, costly, and prone to mistakes. 

Featuring real-time financial updates, homeowners on the Dara platform can ensure all claimable advances are included in the initial filing, allowing for effective decision-making and self-servicing. By having access to the latest data, servicers are enabled to make better-informed decisions. 

Benefits of Dara Claims for Servicers  

Dara Claims, one of Dara’s six core components, stands out as a groundbreaking tool designed to efficiently resolve even the most complex challenges faced by homeowners experiencing financial hardships.

As Sagent continues to push the boundaries of mortgage technology, Dara Claims represents a pivotal advancement toward modernization and efficiency in servicing operations. 

Learn more about Dara Claims here, and be on the lookout for our next post in this series which will dive into Dara AI. 

*Based on a benchmark model of aggregate ops cost-per-loan reductions across boarding, cash processing, escrows, statements, call center, IA/IR, collections, loss mitigation, foreclosure, bankruptcy, claims, QA/QC, collateral management. Excludes other corporate cost (e.g., finance, HR) and cost of servicing platform. Contact us to model scenarios using your data. 


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