Sagent’s Dara platform unifies user experiences for homeowners and servicers

This article first appeared here in Housingwire.

Dara by Sagent is the first mortgage software platform to unify all data and user experiences for servicers and homeowners across the entire servicing lifecycle. This unified platform powers the servicing ecosystem in a single solution from end to end and synced with real-time data — core, consumer, default, loan movement, data, and AI. 

With Dara, every servicer in the $14 trillion industry can help borrowers faster throughout each phase of servicing, whether that’s regular payment and escrow activities or quickly resolving complex hardship and loss mitigation scenarios. Dara also makes onboarding loan portfolios fast and compliant for servicers and facilitates loan transfers with no surprises for borrowers. Sagent has shifted the servicing paradigm with its launch of Dara.

The end-to-end, real-time capabilities of Dara improve every point of the servicing industry for every stakeholder, including operators, consumers, investors, and regulators. Dara’s real-time compliance system proactively identifies potential compliance issues in a mortgage while real-time workflows simultaneously feed data to the front and back end, overlaying the entire data workflow. 

While delivering a world-class homeowner experience, servicers can reduce operational costs and configure for compliance within one root servicing system for consumers, teams, and investors — all built on real-time, end-to-end data. With deep roots in servicing, Dara is ready for everything.  

Dara is designed to be proactive when it comes to real-time policymaking. This means having compliance rules embedded into the framework, allowing servicers to proactively prevent errors with anytime auditability. Dara’s compliance and change management framework allows for agile adjustments to any new rules or requirements. Sagent’s incorporation of modern data and AI tools also enables AI-enhanced predictable customer inquiry handling with high rates of one-call resolutions – allowing servicers to help even more borrowers.  

Dara was built to unify and streamline every workflow in the servicing ecosystem — all synced with real-time data — empowering servicers to efficiently and proactively adapt to tackle any challenges before they arise. 

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This article first appeared here in Housingwire.


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