Small Talk Shop: Click n’ Close’s Judy Humphreyson on Section 184 Loans – VIDEO  

It’s been an eventful year so far for Sagent and our customers! So, we want to give you an exclusive glimpse into the world of Click n’ Close in our first Small Talk Shop episode for 2024.  Our reliable hosts Rachel Crooks and Mary Kate Traficano sat down with Judy Humphreyson, Director of Escrow, Special Loans, and Doc Management of Click n’ Close, engaging in a little small talk and talking a little shop, too.   

Let’s get into this episode: 

Judy Humphreyson —  a 15-year veteran of the mortgage industry, kicked off her career with an opportunity within the post-closing sector, getting the full download of what it’s like get a loan closed, purchased, and everything in between. It wasn’t too long after that Judy found herself in correspondent lending, which ultimately led her to the servicing side of the business. This is what Judy had to say about her most recent career journey: 

I was exposed to a lot of different areas within servicing and recently was asked to begin working with the escrow and special loans groups here…. I’ve been fortunate to have people that were open to taking someone without a lot of experience and allowing me to learn and to do the best I can to keep them moving and on track.

After Judy discussed her current position at Click n’ Close, the three ladies pivoted to chat about Click n’ Close’s partnership with 1st Tribal Lending as the leading originator and servicer for Section 184 loans that benefit the Native American Community. By joining forces, 1st Tribal Lending and Click n’ Close are committed to bringing mortgage capital to underserved communities, creating more opportunities for homeownership. 

Judy shared that Section 184 loans can be quite nuanced and require a particular personal touch and relationship-oriented approach to best serve these customers. At Sagent, we understand that mortgage servicing is where lifetime customer relationships are managed and grown, which is why our vision is to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem, delivering positive homeowner outcomes. 

And that’s why Sagent and Click n’ Close are working together, designing and implementing standalone Section 184 modules to help address the unique needs for Native American borrowers and the servicers who work on these loans. The first module has already been released, garnering a lot of positive feedback, helping to further perfect the second module that is currently in development. 

Judy also noted Click n’ Close’s effective push to get their borrowers registered and actively using Sagent CARE, promoting the use of self-service tools when it comes to managing their homes’ finances.   

As the shop talk comes to a close, we’ll quickly hit on some of the other segments including Let’s Get Sentimental and Let’s Get Silly. 

The trio also discussed this year’s Chinese New Year — the year of the dragon — and ways to implement feng shui principles into our daily practices including kindness and compassion. You can check out this segment at the 10:05 timestamp

This also included a fun and quick game of Keep It, Trash It, or Donate It — which if you Fast-Forward to 14:30. Judy has a very interesting documentary recommendation for you. We won’t spoil it, but in the Netflix, Hulu, and Cable portion of the game, Netflix was a keeper. 

And of course, we couldn’t end the episode without a gentle reminder of our upcoming IGNITE conference, hosted in Denver, CO this May. The team is ready to be on the ground with our amazing customers to talk all things product related, including our new platform Dara

Check out the full episode below for a bit of small talk, a bit of shop talk, and everything in between. 


Want to learn how you can be part of the paradigm shift? Our team loves connecting with our customers for a little small talk and for a little shop talk, all while innovating for the industry at large.

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