Sagent Honored to be Named a HousingWire Tech100 Company for the Fourth-Straight Year 

Our team takes pride in positioning ourselves as leaders in the fintech space, relentlessly focusing and executing on our vision to lead the evolution in loan servicing by solving its most complex challenges. And although big and exciting news is coming that will shape the industry standard, we’re more than honored (and very humbled) that our current tech stack is still beyond relevant, having been awarded yet another HousingWire Tech100 win — our fourth-straight year. 

According to HousingWire, the 2024 Tech100 winners “bring innovation to the mortgage process — from origination to closing, and servicing to secondary markets.” 

Keep reading to learn more about why Sagent was chosen for this award: 

Why Sagent is a HousingWire Tech100 Company  

Mortgage servicing innovation requires ambitious vision, relentless execution, careful attention to shifting regulatory environments and, crucially, a willingness to work alongside America’s biggest banks and lenders while solving their most difficult problems.  

Buzzwords like “disruption” fail to deliver real results within the complex, $14T servicing ecosystem, and Sagent forgoes flash for substance — merging fintech expertise with deep operational mortgage experience.  

Sagent ensures customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and regulatory compliance within America’s $14T servicing ecosystem, as its experts have spent the last couple years refining the industry’s only real-time, data-powered servicing platform for enterprises, default, and consumer services. 

Sagent is Building the Future of Servicing 

Sagent powers America’s banks and lenders to make homeownership simpler and safer for millions of consumers. Servicing is an integral step of the homeownership journey, one with layers that can complicate the process and intimidate consumers. By extending the modern homeownership experience beyond the origination process and into the lifelong servicing relationship, Sagent empowers its servicing customers to lower costs, operationalize compliance, and deliver higher servicing values throughout full market cycles.   

Sagent delivers the industry’s only enterprise, default, and consumer platforms synced by real-time data: 

  1. LoanServ is the powerful engine behind all mortgage and consumer loan types. As the most modern system of record, Sagent enables real-time compliance, reporting, and payment processing to ensure servicers, homeowners, investors, regulators, and partners can take immediate action in an ever-changing regulatory landscape. New this year, LoanServ with Sagent AI makes recent advancements in artificial intelligence relevant to servicers by automating complex, high-volume workflows and accelerating the loan acquisition and loan boarding processes. 
  1. Sagent Tempo is the helping hand that powers the loss mitigation lifecycle for investors, vendors, and regulators. While delivering compassionate care to strained borrowers, Tempo powers continuous progression through all default phases and achieves positive outcomes for investors, borrowers, and servicers through real-time customized loss mitigation, foreclosure, and bankruptcy workflows. Tempo with Sagent AI accelerates document classification and data extraction for loan modification income calculations. 
  1. Sagent CARE is an open window for consumers as it delivers a self-serve, digital borrower experience while giving servicers actionable insight into performing and non-performing loans. From any device, homeowners can take control of their finances by engaging in a straightforward, modern experience to manage monthly payments, find new ways to save, reduce environmental impact by going paperless, uncover tax information, and keep track of home equity. CARE with Sagent AI uses customer sentiment analysis to deliver natural language routing to call centers. 

Sagent Is Only Moving Forward 

In 2023, Sagent embraced smart innovation with America’s top banks and lenders by merging operational expertise with best-in-class product development resources to deliver an evolving servicing tech stack that resonates with servicers today. Here’s what Sagent accomplished this year. 

  • Processed $3B+ in one-time payments for over 1.3M unique borrowers (a 69% increase year-over-year) as one of the largest servicing software companies in the nation. 
  • Sagent’s CARE platform powered 5.27M unique logins (up 27% YoY) and ushered 1.25M customers onto new recurring payment plans, enrolled 182k in paperless billing (122% YoY increase) and facilitated $10.78B in one-time payments. 
  • Led rapid advancement on the industry’s first cloud-native, homeowner-first servicing platform with customer Mr. Cooper as they trended toward $1T in MSRs and 4.4M customers. 
  • Constructed a powerful leadership team, adding Fannie Mae vet/fintech pacesetter Marianne Sullivan as COO, mortgage luminary Priya Seenath as SVP, Chief of Staff, Technology/Engineering, and mortgage servicing ops visionary Perry Hilzendeger as EVP, Servicing
  • Accelerated platform enhancements by opening a non-US office that houses 120+ mortgage servicing fintech experts who understand the technical landscape and the industry-specific nuance required to innovate in this space. 
  • Powered $2T+ in outstanding balances on its platforms while enabling servicers to forge lifelong relationships with homeowners. 
  • Enabled its servicing customers to decrease cost-per-loan to well-below MBA industry averages, with the most-efficient customers seeing as much as 39% lower cost per non-performing loan and 67% lower cost per performing loan.  

The Bottom Line 

Sagent innovates incrementally with real-time solutions to real-time policymaking, uniting the best minds in fintech and servicing operations to help servicers identify operational opportunities, build systems that can adapt in real-time to policymaking and markets, and superpower the servicing operators who serve homeowners, regulators, and investors. 

Congrats Sagent on this well-deserved award win

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