Sagent Standouts: Anne Hurtubise

In this series, we’re focused on the humans who make up Sagent. We’re fortunate to have a team that is constantly evolving – both professionally and personally – folks from all over the world who bring a variety of experience, education, and perspectives to advance our challenging mission. We’re excited to introduce you to some of these talented people who make Sagent a vibrant, productive community. 

Tell me about your family, pets, where you live, and anything else you’d like to share about your life to help people get to know you.

I live in Southern California in a small town called San Clemente, an old-school surf community, located in between Los Angeles and San Diego. My husband, two sons, daughter and I have been here since 2013, and before that we lived in Park City UT. We also have an adorable but annoying cat named Sasha who acts like a toddler (she’s very needy and often flops down on my desk for a rub during video calls).

Where did you grow up? 

I grew up in Michigan, attended the University of Michigan and started my career there. I’ve always been a die-hard Wolverine (GO BLUE) and our recent National Championship win was icing on my maize and blue cake. I am a Midwesterner at heart — hard-working, driven, kind —even though I’ve been living out west for the past 25 years.  

What are your hobbies? 

I love being outdoors and most of my hobbies revolve around exercise and fresh air. I love walking on the beach (cheesy, I know…but I do live close to the ocean); I’m an avid downhill skier and look forward to buying my ski pass each year. I also love golf, hiking, and the opportunity to log 8-12 miles a day on my Apple watch when traveling and exploring.  

Tell me about any notable accomplishments that you’re proud of. 

Working at Sagent has been a dream come true when it comes to my career journey. I’ve worked in technology startups for most of my career and consider myself a builder by nature. What’s tremendously rewarding is having the opportunity to develop a world-class recruiting function. Another would be creating Sagent’s New Hire Onboarding/Orientation programs and developing our Talent Brand with Marketing.

This combined effort has allowed me to focus on impactful and rewarding candidate/new hire experiences which I am super passionate about (and our high employee satisfaction scores are proof of our success). I am in an enviable position because I see daily how the incredible work that’s been done by my team has helped shape Sagent into an employer of choice within our industry. We build high-performing teams that contribute daily to our mission to lead the evolution in loan servicing by solving its most complex challenges. It has been so rewarding to play a large part in attracting the right people for the right roles by sharing our vision and evangelizing the incredible work we are doing at Sagent for our customers, the homeowners we all serve, and of course, the candidates (and current employees!). 

What was your first “real” job? 

Right out of college I was hired for an HR Analyst role with a fortune 100 computer manufacturer. I had the most incredible boss and mentor who taught me how impactful a strong HR function can be to the success of an organization. She took me under her wing and developed a comprehensive career path for me to learn as much as I could about the business.

She taught me that effective leadership starts with mutual respect, and that means employer-employee relationships need to be nurtured and valued. I have made this my own personal mission to carry that mindset with me throughout my career, and to share it with the people I work with, hoping it can benefit their journeys as well. No voice deserves to be minimized. Everyone deserves to be supported. 

How did you get into mortgage fintech? 

The first time was totally random. I owned my own recruiting agency and saw that a mortgage originations technology firm was hiring a ton of people. I contacted the VP of Talent Aquisition, and we started talking. I wanted to bring them on as a client and handle some of their recruiting. Eventually, I decided to take a full-time role and build out their Talent Acquisition function.

In mid-2021 I started speaking with Sagent about doing something similar and creating a Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence. I was so excited about the possibility of working again with industry visionaries including Jesse Decker, Uday Devalla, and so many more. Plus, Michele Mursten (our HR lead) happens to be the exact type of people leader I wanted to partner with, and we made it official in November 2021. The rest is history.  

What does your “day to day” look like in your role at Sagent?  

I spend 60% of my time as a player-coach with the Recruiting team (yes, I am still actively recruiting, too), 25% of my time on New Hire Onboarding and Orientation, and 15% of my time on Talent Branding. But what makes my day-to-day the best very is working alongside our team lead Michele Mursten. She and I have the same mindset when it comes to executing People Operations initiatives that deliver the best in candidate and new hire experiences. Her support has allowed the Talent Acquisition Center of Excellence to flourish, and she has given me the support needed to effectively manage and resource these three distinct functions.  

I see Sagent has a Brand Ambassador program? Tell me about that. 

Recently, I have had the immense pleasure of kicking off Sagent’s Brand Ambassador program with my partner in crime, Stefan Sowder, where we have assembled a terrific team of associates who work tirelessly to represent and promote Sagent’s brand and values, acting as spokespersons and advocating to build awareness and credibility across Sagent and our industry. This year is already packed with many creative and culture-promoting activities that we are excited to bring to our associates.  

What is it about your job that motivates or challenges you? 

We are growing quickly. We’ve doubled in size and expanded globally since I began in December 2021. With that growth comes a rare opportunity to scale and mature our function by identifying and implementing new tools, developing processes and contributing to the efficiency of a well-run organization. While challenging, it is also exciting, and it gives me joy every quarter when I look back at what my team and I have accomplished. Side note: Check out our openings on our Careers page 

In your opinion, what is the greatest impact of building cloud-native servicing technology? 

Honestly, this is the primary reason I am at Sagent. The mortgage industry, and specifically the mortgage servicing industry, has been ripe for transformation since the real-estate crash in 2008. Knowing that our platforms improve our customers’ day-to-day business while also increasing loan margin and driving efficiency is a great story to tell.

Equally important is that Sagent’s platforms also give the homeowner more control and better tools to manage the relationship with their mortgage servicer. The coup de gras is that we are now taking the functionality of our five core platforms and developing the first and only cloud-native, open-API, servicing platform. I am so fortunate that Sagent has an amazing story to tell, and I get to be one of the people that shares our journey and our successes — while living them — every day!  

When you think about Sagent’s values of “Relentless, Relevant, and Reliable” which one resonates with you most? 

That’s a tough one, but I would have to say Relentless. There is rarely a problem that can’t be solved and I’m fortunate to work with a very collaborative team that’s willing to go outside of their lane to come up with a solution. They know that I’ll keep working until the problem is solved.  

What is your experience with Sagent’s culture? 

I have never worked with a group of individuals who are more committed, humble, authentic, and willing to lend a hand than the group here at Sagent. We have a super-transparent leadership team who shares our successes, while also encouraging us to challenge the status quo, so we can continue being the best fintech team. And, I have the best recruiting team (Avita, Michael and Andy) who impress me every day. As our amazing Chief of Staff to the CTO, Priya Seenath would say: We are one Sagent, we are Team Sagent! 

What is your favorite thing about working for Sagent? 

It’s for sure the people here. We honestly have the best employees in the world! Not only are we spread out across the US, but we also have our relentless, relevant, and reliable teammates in Chennai, IN supporting our future-of-servicing mission. And we can’t wait to share it with you. 

Do you have a role model? If so, tell me about them. 

All working parents are my role models. Showing up to work every day when there are a million things to do at home is truly impressive and I applaud every working parent out there. One of the things I respect so much about Sagent is the understanding that outside of our jobs and job titles, our associates have families to attend to. The flexibility to handle personal tasks is something that can’t be beaten and I’m so grateful to work at a company that understands the importance of family moments. 

Have you had an impactful mentoring experience, either giving or receiving? 

I have had the amazing opportunity to mentor many incredible humans over the years. But I want to give a shoutout to my lifelong mentor, Ray has been with me throughout my career journey, so let me start from the beginning. I wasn’t always in HR. I began my career in sales, marketing and product management. Once my second child was born, I pivoted into my second career as mom and maniacal volunteer. During this time, I raised millions for charities (to the point that friends would see me at the grocery store and divert to a different aisle to avoid my asking).

While this was extremely rewarding, there was a nagging feeling that I was missing my ‘next chapter.’ Enter Ray, who challenged me to be better during my first job/career and who I reached out to for advice when I decided to make a change. I was ready to go back to work but was unclear as to what that next step looked like. After speaking to Ray, he encouraged me to apply to his company for an open recruiter position. I learned the profession from the ground up, started as a desk recruiter, opened my own agency and eventually found my true home at Sagent. As a side note, mentoring is a two-way street. Over the years I worked on and off with, and for, Ray. I was a sounding board and gave him a kick in the pants when he needed it, too! 

We always like to ask our Sagent Standout’s colleagues for insights into what it’s like to work with them, and here’s what a couple of them had to say. 

She is SaaS Savvy and a Tech junkie who’s brought so much to team Sagent! Anne’s passion, dedication, and all she does for not only the Talent Acquisition team — but everyone at Sagent — is so inspiring. As the Director of Talent Acquisition, Anne Hurtubise can tell the Sagent story like no one else so highly qualified candidates know this is the place to leverage and grow their skills while building the future of servicing for homeowners, servicers, and our entire industry.

– Avita Asmaro 

Anne is a driving force behind Sagent’s employee engagement success — relentlessly fostering a workplace where dedication and collaboration thrive. Her commitment to cultivating a team of diverse talents makes her not just [an important] part of our HR team, but a strategic partner for the betterment of our associates. 

– Reneé Maier 


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