Sagent CEO Dan Sogorka Honored as NMP’s 2024 Industry Titan

The true titans of mortgage are servicers, and here’s two reasons why: 1) For managing the sheer scale of almost $14T in outstanding mortgage balances for American homeowners, and 2) Because of the customer care and regulatory precision that’s required from the largest, most-highly regulated, and most complex sector of consumer finance.  

And among these mortgage titans is Sagent CEO Dan Sogorka who builds the software that powers this precision and scale. So, it came as no surprise when he was honored with NMP’s 2024 Industry Titan Award.  

Here’s what NMP had to say about this year’s award winners

NMP Magazine honors the 2024 Industry Titans — the key players who have dedicated their expertise and years of experience to the mortgage business and represent the industry with professionalism and pride. 

Read on to learn a bit more about Dan’s influence at Sagent. 

Dan’s Relentless Impact at Sagent 

Dan took charge of Sagent just as March 2020 COVID lockdowns first forced emergency relief policy from FHFA, then required software that powers America’s servicers to be operational on real-time forbearance and deferral programs for millions of homeowners.  

Under Dan’s leadership, servicers using Sagent’s platforms were ready on day one of every major CARES homeowner relief policy effective date, making a reliable name for themselves in financial technology during one of the toughest markets we’ve seen: 

Sagent is the only fintech that enabled real-time, day-one compliance for real-time policy change of this magnitude.

Sagent-powered servicers operationalized self-serve forbearances for consumers, which led to stability for American homeowners and flawless accounting for servicers — as well as full loan lifecycle clarity, a compliant process, and real-time visibility for servicers and their investors and regulators. 
Fast forward to 2023/24 — under Dan’s watch Sagent has become the only major mortgage fintech player making scale innovation investments across three digital pillars servicers must have, which are:  

Consumer-facing portal, core enterprise servicing, and default platforms delivered as a cloud-native, open-API future to all servicers in America. 

Dan’s Relevant Pulse on the Industry 

Dan’s rare combination of technical acumen and operational knowledge down to the smallest detail is why he is a titan and steward of America’s mortgage industry.  

At Sagent, Dan provides individualized care and attention to each employee, customer, partner, and stakeholder. As he continues to recruit and retain the industry’s best talent, his fellow Sagent leaders bestow the same culture of contagious support to their own teams, cultivating a positive culture of disruptive modernization throughout the company. 

In tandem, Dan’s precise super speed is what keeps Sagent relevant in the fintech space.  

He has dramatically accelerated modernization of how banks and lenders power the homeownership and consumer lending experience for more than 12 million borrowers. 

Sagent combines a modern, reliable experience for servicers and homeowners — anytime and on any device — with real-time data and smart, human advice. 

The Bottom Line: Reliability 

Dan has spent two decades helping financial institutions modernize the homeownership experience.  

Under Dan’s stewardship, Sagent now powers over $2T in outstanding loans for over 12 million homeowners across the country and is rapidly building the industry’s first cloud-native servicing platform.  

As the fintech market cycle has matured, this is what has made Sagent pull ahead and achieve titan status with Dan’s leadership. 

Congratulations, Dan on the award win! And thank you NMP for the well-deserved recognition.


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