Meet the Extraordinary Sagent Standouts of 2023 

At the tail end of 2022, we launched our Sagent Standout series, where we focus on the relentless, relevant, and reliable humans that make up Sagent. This series is a pillar to our culture, giving everyone a glimpse into the worlds of our amazing team members, their past, present, future experiences/aspirations — plus a few funny stories along the way.  

When you have a team that is constantly evolving — both professionally and personally — it’s hard to keep these Standouts a secret!  

Take a few minutes with us to reflect on our 2023 Sagent Standouts, thanking them for their hard work and dedication to serving the industry. 

Shelli Girard – VP, Software Development 

Meet our Louisiana native, Orlando, FL transplant, Shelli Girard. A few words that she would use to describe herself: a mom (both human and dog), super-nerd, wife, and technologist. She also reminds us that although she may not be a local to LA anymore, she still has a love for crawfish, Cajun food, and of course, the LSU tigers. Plus, a fun fact about Shelli — in the first half of her career she worked with storage software, including supercomputers. Now that’s COOL! 

Michele Mursten – VP, People Operations 

Michele Mursten is the one who ensures there is calm among chaos when it comes to cultivating culture among the associates. But there is so much more to Michele than her love for People Ops. She would describe herself as the following: a huge trivia buff, sci-fi geek, and a little Disney crazed (makes sense that she lives in Orlando), but she is also very family-focused – both human and dog. Michele is a huge advocate for work/life balance, and we’re beyond grateful to have her at the helm of our People Operations team! 

Regan Kelly – Customer Success Manager 

Like any animal lover during the pandemic, Regan Kelly decided that her cat needed a puppy, and the stars aligned when she brought home that pup because those two are the best of friends. Meet Regan, one of our very reliable CS Managers, but there is so much more to her including being a former food fight instigator or survivor…but you’ll have to read to find out. She is also a canine search-and-rescue volunteer, a ‘citizen scientist’ at her local aquarium, beloved wife, and former hot dog stand manager. Regan is a jack-of-all-trades and clearly a master of ALL, which makes us the lucky ones to have her on Team Sagent. 

Vivek Rai – Director, Software Engineering 

Vivek Rai lives in the trenches here at Sagent, working very closely with our future-of-servicing model, ensuring that it shifts the paradigm in our industry. But what you didn’t know that he is also a cricketer, father of 2, globetrotter, and self-described “avid sportsman. He’s the captain of his cricket team and has won 2 Division A trophies in the Dallas Cricket League. He ALSO (yes there’s more) captained his team in the Houston Open and played in the LA Open… sounds like he’s more than “avid” — he’s a total pro in our eyes! 

Naren Sundram – Country Head, Sagent India 

Having been in financial services for 20+ years, Naren Sundram has worked in insurance product dev., consumer banking, data analytics… the list goes on, and now he’s leading our Sagent | India office in Chennai. Naren is a 1st gen. graduate of his family (who has lived on the same block in Chennai for 100 years!), a husband, father of twins, and community leader who’s helping local students launch their careers. He also mentioned his love for sports, and to our surprise, he’s a fan of the San Antonio Spurs, but you’ll have to read it to find out why. When it comes to supporting and driving our future of servicing model to create innovative tech for the industry at large, Naren truly embodies our core values, and we’re so honored to have him spearheading Sagent | India. 

Greg Lane – Director of Financial Analysis 

Greg Lane is a connoisseur when it comes to all things finance + accounting. He’s a numbers guy, so whether it’s investments, foam pricing (read to find out why that’s relevant), or fintech software, the numbers will always do what they’re supposed to do. But a little more about Greg: Loving husband, father of 3 kids and 2 pets, golfer, beer lover…the list could go on. When taking the time to chat with Greg, we found out that he scored an internship in Beijing for 3 months supporting a sole distributor for European beverage brands — think Stella, Hoegaarden, Leffee — which explains his ‘beer lover’ persona. When it comes to supporting our future-of-servicing model and making sure we’re on a positive financial trajectory to create innovative tech for the industry at large, Greg truly embodies all our core values, but being reliable is what is most important to him in his role for Sagent. 

Kat Keeton Flanagan – Sr. Director, Customer Success 

From a pandemic wedding to new home adventures, Kat seizes every moment with style. If you’ve ever bumped into Kat Keeton Flanagan during any point of your career, then you know her energy lights up a room like no other, making you feel welcomed, included, and a part of her circle. And what’s even better is she carries over all these amazing qualities into her personal life which makes her Standout here at Sagent. As of earlier this year, Kat and her husband grew their family by two feet, welcoming their adorable baby girl, awarding her a new role — Mom. When not on mom duty, Kat enjoys hobbies including scuba diving, golfing, and watching arguably-so-bad-they’re-good action movies. Kat is relevant, relentless, and reliable all bottled in one human, and we are the lucky ones to have her supporting all of our amazing customers. 

What an incredible group of inspirational leaders, including one of our own ‘professional’ athletes — I’m talking about you Vivek! 

We really love highlighting our Sagent team members, for they’re the reason we are executing on our future-of-servicing model for the industry at large. Stay tuned for some more Sagent Standouts in 2024! 


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