Small Talk Shop Year in Review: Candid Conversations with Customers + Partners 

Back in 2022, we debuted our first episode of Small Talk Shop, our customer spotlight series hosted by Rachel Crooks and Mary Kate Traficano where they sit down with our customers for a bit of small talk, shop talk, and everything in between.  

The series has been a huge hit ever since, and we couldn’t be more delighted to share our 2023 Small Talk Shop roundup to celebrate our incredible customers one last time before we close out the year. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring MassHousing’s Mounzer Aylouche 

An episode filled with coffee, relevant insights, and a few laughs (of course), Mounzer gives us a glimpse into MassHousing’s aspirations toward and ever-improving customer experience — which includes intelligently built tech stacks that are easy to use and well-designed so users can access and obtain information without jumping through hoops. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring Carrington’s Candace Russell 

One of our favorites (but aren’t they all!?) since our friend and customer Candace Russell (Carrington Mortgage Services) shared her love for pizza (or is it an emotional support pizza…watch to find out why). Take a few minutes to watch the segment and hear how Candace ‘fell down the rabbit hole’ into the mortgage industry, and what she feels is important when advocating for customers and staying on top of regulatory changes. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring ServiceLink’s Joel Davidson 

What do Jay, Silent Bob, and Joel Davidson of ServiceLink all have in common?? Well, you’ll have to watch to find out! This episode had all the shop talk, but some of the most fun small talk, including a little education session for our Sagent team when it came to the Get Social segment. Check it out for an insider’s look at our collaborative partnership with ServiceLink, where Joel emphasizes that the key to success is building on the past instead of reinventing the wheel. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring Computershare Loan Services Joey Halligan 

The name of the game is Scattergories (with DEI built in) and our amazing guest and partner is Joey Halligan of Computershare Loan Services (CLS). In this clip, hear Joey describe how CLS is making strides to support its LGBTQIA+ community with a dedicated employee resource group, Purple Pride events, and so much more — an initiative that is very important to Sagent. 

Small Talk Shop: Special Ignite Edition 

One of only two in-person Small Talk Shop episodes, and this one comes to you “LIVE” (well, recorded now…) from our IGNITE conference held in San Antonio, TX this year. Hear from 5 of our amazing customers (Chelsea Wettschurack of EverView, Sunnie Lewis of Computershare Loan Services, Lori Powell of Freedom Mortgage, Amy Dailey of Associated Bank, Diana White of Click N Close) share details about how our core values resonate with them, what sessions from IGNITE they really enjoyed, and how collaboration is a key focus when it comes to driving innovation within our industry. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring Gateway First Bank’s Hobie Higgins 

Honestly, being the Chief Fun Officer has to be one of the best jobs in the industry, and who best to do the job at Gateway then our friend and customer, Hobie Higgins. Hear from Hobie about the many hats he’s worn throughout his 15 years at Gateway, how he believes culture is a huge driver of employee engagement, and why cultivating it is key to happy teammates. 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring Central Banks’s Jane Spurgeon 

A true veteran of our industry, plus a longtime Sagent customer (she’s been with LoanServ since the very beginning) — hear from Jane Spurgeon (Central Bank) as she shares the keys and qualities for a long-lasting partnership and why relationships in this industry are invaluable. A great takeaway from Jane is that she highly suggests you don’t burn a bridge because you never know who you’ll run into on your next adventure (cue The Eagles Hotel California…). 

Small Talk Shop: Featuring HomeTrust Bank’s Sonnya Fanale 

And last but not least, our earliest episode of 2023 features HomeTrust Bank’s Sonnya Fanale, SVP Director of Loan Operations and kicked off the year with some predictions, personal goals, and pop-culture thoughts. 

Our team is always so grateful to have the opportunity to connect with our customers, and it’s a delight to sit down with our customers regularly for a little shop talk and a little small talk. Stay tuned for more Small Talk Shops headed your way in 2024! 


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