Charting Success: Sagent Celebrates Milestones, Partnerships, + Global Expansion

Hyper-focused on the future — delivering on today’s needs while also focusing on tomorrow’s — is exactly what we’re about here at Sagent. But we also understand the importance of reflecting on our past achievements which have helped us get to where we are today.  

Check out our recap below of Sagent’s noteworthy highlights including our amazing partnership extensions with our customers, announcements of a few key leaders joining the team, plus our global expansion, creating Sagent | India. 

Looking at these milestones from a high level, we’re honored that Sagent is in the position of attracting top executive leaders from servicing operations, world-class technology teams, and — perhaps most importantly — new and ongoing partnerships with America’s most successful servicers who reliably outperform their competitors in cost efficiency, customer retention, and compliance. Let’s zoom in for the details. 

Celebrating and Strengthening Our Partnerships 

Team Sagent is so proud of everything we’ve accomplished in 2023, especially the new partnerships we’ve built and the enduring partnerships we have deepened: 

  • We announced the 5-year extension of our partnership with Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU). DCU continues to leverage our nimble, highly configurable system-of-record, LoanServ, to power their mortgage servicing. Playing a significant role in DCU’s high-tech, high-touch member experience, we take pride in keeping them in sync with real-time customer expectations and regulatory requirements. 
  • We expanded our partnership with American Savings Bank (ASB) for another 7 years. ASB powers its community-first mortgage servicing vision with our nimble, highly configurable system-of-record, LoanServ. They use it to automate complex high-volume tasks, enabling their team members to focus on customer service. Sagent takes this crucial role in ASBʼs high-tech, high-touch banking model very seriously, and we canʼt wait to continue building the future of servicing for them and their customers. 
  • We also announced the extension of our partnership with BSI Financial Services (BSI) for an additional 7 years. As BSI aims to expand its servicing operation to 1 million loans, Sagent continues to empower BSI with our configurable, cloud-based platforms, including LoanServ (system of record), TEMPO (default management), Datascape+ (cloud-based data reporting and insights), and LoanBoard (originations-to-servicing onboarding). BSI’s outstanding reputation and growth were attributed to their mastery of automating complex tasks, swift resolution of customer issues, and real-time adaptation to regulator and investor needs. 
  • We extended our partnership with Central Bank for an additional 6 years. Central Bank served as a notable illustration of high-touch, empathetic community banking driven by cutting-edge technological innovation, and we were privileged to support their mortgage servicing technology. Collaborating closely with enduring partners such as Central Bank, we aimed to excel in operational efficiency, customer care, and cost savings. 
  • We announced the extension of our partnership with Click n’ Close for an additional 5 years. Click n’ Close sustains its enterprise mortgage servicing ecosystem using Sagent’s suite of cloud-based platforms, including LoanServ (system of record), Tempo (default management), and CARE (homeowner experience). Our adaptable platforms assist Click n’ Close team members in providing tailored advice to borrowers, addressing their needs in both favorable and challenging circumstances. 
  • Lastly, certainly not least, we announced our partnership extension with Synovus for an additional 5 years. Synovus has long relied on Sagent LoanServ as its mortgage servicing system of record, and after adding Sagent CARE to power its consumer experience in early 2023, will also now add DataScape for real-time analytics to make faster operational and customer service decisions. This partnership will accelerate operational efficiency and power industry-best consumer experience for customer-first banking leader 

Collaborative partnerships like these are core to our long-term strategy that includes delivering top solutions for servicers today while building the future of servicing (with tangible results we’re eager to show you early in 2024). 

New Visionaries Who Get the Details 

In 2023, we also added several industry greats to our executive team, deepening our servicing ops expertise and accelerating our vision to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem. 

We were delighted to welcome Fannie Mae vet and mortgage fintech pacesetter Marianne Sullivan as Chief Operating Officer. 

Marianne made digital mortgage originations mainstream from top GSE and fintech posts and now oversees the modernization of the $14T mortgage servicing sector. 

We also appointed servicing ops expert and industry veteran Perry Hilzendeger as EVP of Servicing. 

Perry helped build and run Wells Fargoʼs $1 trillion servicing portfolio and brings ops expertise to accelerate Sagentʼs modernization of servicing software. 

We also added mortgage powerhouse exec Priya Seenath to the Sagent team as SVP, Chief of Staff, Technology and Engineering. 

A servicing leader for 25+ years, Priyaʼs relentless drive to improve data quality and customer experience for our industry — including developing process improvements while at Freedom Mortgage to deliver on best-in- class customer service — is unmatched. 

Sagent Expanded Our Global Footprint 

One of our landmark moments of 2023 was definitely the opening of our new office in Chennai, India. 

We established our non-U.S. headquarters in Chennai, India, to support our newly incorporated software engineering team from our 2022 deal with Mr. Cooper. 

Sagent India is a bright team full of relevant, reliable talent, and this team has a relentless commitment to the Sagent vision,” said Naren Sundram, SVP, Head of India at Sagent. 

“Weʼre all moving quickly on Sagentʼs vision to fundamentally change Americaʼs housing ecosystem and deliver positive outcomes for servicers and homeowners. 


We’re always filled with gratitude, but we’re especially grateful this time of year for the incredible people and partnerships that make Sagent what it is. 

Big things are coming in 2024, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been building for you. 


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