Sagent’s Chief of Staff to the CTO Priya Seenath Honored with Women We Admire 2023 Top Women Leaders Award 

Anyone that has had the pleasure to be in the room with Priya Seenath understands that she is a strategic, transparent, and impactful powerhouse executive who understands the details, and is always executing with excellence. It was no surprise that she has been honored with this year’s Women We Admire Top Women Leaders of 2023 award

According to Women We Admire, these award winners bring “unique perspectives, resilience, and transformative leadership styles to the forefront, challenging traditional norms, and breaking barriers.” In addition, the org proceeds to say that these winners are huge advocates and pacesetters when it comes to furthering diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace: 

Their presence not only exemplifies progress toward equality, but also highlights the undeniable impact women can have in driving positive change, fostering inclusivity, and inspiring future generation to aspire to leadership roles regardless of gender. Overall, their leadership is an indefensible force in shaping a more equitable and diverse world.  

Read on to learn more about Priya and what makes her a relentless, relevant, and reliable admirable woman leader in the mortgage industry. 

Why Priya is a Top Woman Leader

Priya voices the importance of delivering successful outcomes for servicers, homeowners, and the industry as she drives structure, organization, and execution within Sagent. She’s also helped Sagent find its niche as an accelerator in the specialized modernization of the largest and most complex sector of consumer finance. 

As a transplant from one of Sagent’s largest customers, Priya hit the ground running when joining Sagent earlier this year, improving operational processes to help drive Sagent’s future-of-servicing model. What made the transition easy and seamless was Priya’s close partnership with Sagent when she was a customer,  

Witnessing firsthand Sagent’s reliability and commitment to its super-relevant mission to lead the evolution in loan servicing to solve its most complex challenges. 

With that perspective, Priya accelerated the organization’s execution from day one. She’s a truthful voice of power and understands the responsibility inherent to her own power and point of view. An outspoken servant and leader, she embodies Sagent’s mission, passionately advocating for the team’s cloud-native execution as well as the teammates who make that vision a reality. 

Priya’s Admirable Powerhouse Mentality 

What makes her a (powerful) woman to admire is her ability to always show clear and concise intention, her agility and speed to execute with excellence, her thoughtfulness to challenge status quo, always make herself and her whole team relevant — and doing this all as she leads her team with empathy. She is constantly transforming problems into challenges that can be overcome, ultimately finding the best solution for both her firm and for the customer. 

The Bottom Line 

Priya makes it one of her many missions to bring everyone together and focus on the right things. She is continuously championing her customers, while keeping the homeowner’s experience at the center of her bullseye. Her integrity, intentionality, her desire to do what is right, her drive for efficiency, her love to inspire people, is a lifestyle — it’s not something she decides to do, it is who she is. 

Congratulations Priya on this amazing award win + recognition! You’re a fearless woman leader helping pave the way for all of us.


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