Sagent’s Customer Success Guru, Kat Keeton Flanagan wins NMP’s 40 under 40 award

With a relentless focus on the customer, Kat Keeton Flanagan ensures that Sagent clients unlock business value from our suite of real-time enterprise, default, and consumer platforms. As a key steward of client relationships (many of which span 20 years or more), Kat understands that Sagent customers depend on the servicing SaaS fintech to embrace industry problems head-on, cultivate meaningful client relationships to develop solutions for them, and collaborate on ongoing, incremental innovation together and at scale. 

So, when we found out that Kat was recognized as one of National Mortgage Professional’s (NMP) 40 Under 40 award winners, it came as no surprise. Nonetheless, we are so very proud and honored to have such a powerhouse industry player on the Sagent team. 

According to NMP, this award honors “people truly unleashing their talents to better the mortgage industry,” and Kat is a true leader in this sector offering her can-do attitude and problem-solving skills all with a smile on her face. 

A leader, customer advocate, and reliable mentor — Kat navigates complex customer relationships by bridging gaps between teams with a special blend of operational expertise and strategic customer engagement. As noted in her nomination for this award, 

She cuts through the fintech hype cycle to provide relevant, cross-channel product communications that deliver key product information and strengthen the Sagent-customer community. 

Kat’s Significant Impact at Sagent

Kat builds partnerships with Sagent customers as they learn to leverage their proprietary data to take immediate action on behalf of homeowners, investors, regulators, and partners, and as they navigate the highly regulated, ever-changing mortgage industry. The real-time data doesn’t just benefit Sagent customers, it empowers Kat to analyze underused product features and launch campaigns to clarify their business benefits — in addition to promoting existing functionality to all Sagent customers. 

Many software partners boast a customer-first approach. But, as her peers describe, Kat’s approach makes this a reality: 

Kat understands that the industry is truly stronger when mortgage operators and their fintech partners come together to serve each other in a collaborative, reciprocal relationship.

Rooted in empathy and a desire to revamp the homeownership experience with the borrower first, Kat’s approach merges mortgage nuance and fintech expertise to keep Sagent customers at the center of the bullseye as she empowers them to serve 14M+ borrowers. 

The Bottom Line

In short, Kat champions Sagent’s customers with a mix of dynamic events, incremental community building, and internal advocacy. She ensures the voice of the customer echoes through the organization — from pricing strategy and automated data collection to market analysis, humorous emails, and product support. 

Congratulations again, Kat! Also, thank you NMP for the well-deserved recognition. 

And last, but certainly not least: If you want a deeper glimpse into Kat’s world, check out her Sagent Standout feature here. 


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