Head of Sagent India Naren Sundram Named HousingWire’s 2023 Tech Trendsetter 

All innovative fintech companies boast an ambitious vision, relentless execution, and careful attention to shifting regulatory environments, but many ignore the most critical success factor — a willingness to work in the trenches alongside tenured customers, answer their difficult questions, and patiently forgo flash for substance while shaping their roadmaps to fit industry standards. 

Cue our Country Head of Sagent India, Naren Sundram. Naren has dedicated much of his career to leading technology transformation for one of the industry’s largest nonbank servicers where he grew a global team from 15 to over 500 by rallying them around a central goal: fostering professional growth through mentorship and facilitating stellar communication cross-functionally with colleagues and externally with clients. 

Innovative technology advancements (like AI and machine learning) can only be implemented once a stable core that delivers real business value is established — and that’s exactly what Naren has done for over 20 years as a technologist, and what makes him a Tech Trendsetter. 

Here’s what HousingWire had to say about the 2023 Tech Trendsetters:

HousingWire’s 2023 Tech Trendsetters are made up of the top product and technology leaders who have been essential in bringing innovative tech solutions to market for housing industry clients. Similar to the HousingWire TECH100 award, which honors the most innovative companies in mortgage and real estate tech, HW Tech Trendsetters recognizes the people who develop the technology and drive innovation for their mortgage and real estate clients.

Read on to learn more about Naren’s impact since joining Sagent: 

Naren’s Impact at Sagent

In short, Naren built the technology team that powers the housing industry’s first cloud-native servicing platform. He developed principles that shifted his career from internal leader to a product innovator. Naren identifies opportunities for incremental improvement, resolving pain points and making substantial, enduring process advancements on the back end while creating the technology to deliver an impactful customer experience on the front end. 

His approach has proven to be successful. To-date Naren has: 

  • Led the integration of his 520+ team members based around the world. 
  • Grown the technology team supporting Sagent’s consumer platform as it, every month, facilitates 1+ million homeowner interactions, processes $1.15+ billion in one-time payments, and enables 49,000+ recurring automated payments (45% of which happen on a mobile device). 
  • Rallied his largely India-based team to believe in the company vision, mission, and values by remembering “the empathy factor” as they keep the dream of homeownership alive for individuals millions of miles away. 

Naren drives innovation and improves technology in the housing industry through careful individual development with employees, then nurtures them into high-performing teams. The care, attention, and technical prowess with which he mentors individuals bleeds through from his personal life: he’s passionate about promoting quality education and building sustainable cities in his home community in Chennai, India. He’s also leveraging Sagent team members to help teach technology skills classes to people from tribal backgrounds and standardize a “calendar of giving” at the company. 

The Bottom Line

Naren has made a true name for himself in this industry as a leading innovator, always challenging the status quo, further business initiatives — all while having a big smile on his face. 
He is a true partner to our clients helping them drive business performance and promote innovation by building trust, establishing feedback loops, and serving as a “client mentor”. 

As Naren would say,  

Wisdom is more valuable than pure information. 

And wisdom is borne of foundational experience: learning, listening, laying the groundwork, and then acting. 

Ready to learn more about Naren? Check out our Sagent Standout employee profile of Naren here. 


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