Sagent Wins Mortgage Women Magazine’s 2023 Top Employers For Women Award 

Sagent takes pride in its commitment to women’s career growth, championing mentorship, supporting working mothers, and fostering an inclusive workplace that empowers all employees. Our relentless dedication and relevant insight to reliably support the needs of today’s employees is imperative to our mission to lead the evolution in loan servicing by solving its most complex challenges. And we are honored to announce our recent accolade as one of Mortgage Women Magazine’s 2023 Top Employers for Women

Mortgage Women Magazine states that they “salutes those employers that have gone above and beyond…taking strides to break the glass ceiling and make the mortgage industry a welcoming environment for women.” 

Read on to learn more about why Sagent was recognized as a Top Employer for Women: 

Why is Sagent a MWM Top Employer for Women? 

Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Sagent champions its female employees, promotes an inclusive culture, and empowers employees with a flexible working environment.  

With an approach rooted in respect and inclusivity, Sagent gives women the support needed to thrive at all organizational levels and at every stage of their careers and lives: from mentorship opportunities to awards to resource groups to family planning benefits. Sagent recognizes that over 75% of caregivers in the U.S. are women, and its remote workforce has the flexibility to make their own schedules (carpooling, volunteering, sick kids, elder care, pet care, and more).” 

How does your company represent women in the workplace? 
Sagent supports women in the workforce with several different benefits. Employees receive between 12 and 14 weeks fully paid maternity leave for maternal and infant health and bonding. Sagent also hosts Sagent Women in Financial. Technology (SWIFT), an employee resource group focused on fostering the strong community of women at the company. Through OWN, women have access to a regular speaker series, mentorship opportunities, and ongoing support for their career goals. Sagent also partners with Carrot to deliver fertility support and $10k reimbursement for family planning, with services available for all age groups and all types of families, including LGBTQ+. 

What contribution does Sagent make to women in the mortgage industry? 
One way Sagent supports women in mortgage is through partnership with NEXT, an organization designed to build a community of women executives in the mortgage industry. Further, women at Sagent win prominent industry awards including MWM’s Rising Star, Housing Wire’s Women of Influence, and NEXT Powerhouse Partner (this year alone). Beyond that, Sagent provides opportunities for its women employees to travel, attend, participate, and present at leading mortgage conferences (including “The Future of Housing & The Women Building It” at this year’s Digital Mortgage conference). 

What programs, strategies or formal mentoring/sponsorship programs does this company have specifically aimed at developing women leaders? 
Sagent provides mentors to all new hires and delivers mentorship opportunities through SWIFT, its Employee Resource Group for Women. Further, Sagent sponsors organizations, events, and sessions that highlight women in mortgage leadership, including: NEXT, National Association of Minority Mortgage Bankers of America (NAMMBA), the Women of ALICE, and the Executive Women’s Summit. 

Does your company offer reimbursement for travel related to reproductive healthcare? 
Sagent ensures the coverage we offer provides access to all types of covered care—including family and reproductive—even when providers or services are not available in an associate’s home location. 

Does your company offer accommodations for nursing mothers? (Ex. lactation rooms, break time & space to express milk, access to baby at work, etc) 
Nursing mothers’ benefit from Sagent’s flexible work schedules and Sagent’s status as a predominantly remote company. In fact, employees commonly meet newborns (or, “Sagent Sprouts”) on teamwide video calls. 

What percentage of your employees are women? 
43% of Sagent’s workforce is comprised of women. 

What percentage of your executive team/ C-suite are women? 
40% of Sagent’s senior leadership team is comprised of women. 

The Bottom Line 

Here at Sagent, we are continuing to make relevant improvements to our offerings to our employees, ensuring that we’re providing well-rounded, appropriate needs for all associates that join our workforce. We’re honored to be recognized by MWM as a Top employer for Women.  

Thank you MWM and congrats Sagent! 


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