Small Talk Shop: MassHousing’s Mounzer Aylouche on Homeownership and Serving the Underserved — VIDEO 

Last month, our Customer Success Team held our first ever Hands-on-Training (HOT) event (and if you haven’t yet, check out that blog after you read this one), and we were honored to have our customer, partner —and of course friend — MassHousing host us in their beautiful Boston HQ. So, we felt it was just right to have them as our next guest for our 10th episode of Small Talk Shop.  
Let us introduce to you MassHousing’s Mounzer Aylouche, who was our guest in the latest episode of this series where we have a little small talk and talk a little shop, which is something we really love doing, so let’s get into this month’s episode. 
With nearly 30 years under his belt at MassHousing (with even more years of experience) it’s safe to say that Mounzer is a true veteran of our industry. Since beginning his latest role (VP, Homeownership Programs) just over five years ago, he says that what gets him up every morning (with a positive attitude) is the fact that he has a brilliant team that is so amazing and so dedicated to ensuring that their customers are taken care of everyday. (If you want to hear a real heartfelt story about a borrower with a difficult transaction that MassHousing significantly helped, fast-forward to 6:55… You won’t regret it.) 

And what he believes makes it easy to take care of MassHousing’s unique customer base is having the right (and intelligently built) technology in place… and Team Sagent is proud to power their customers’ needs for today, tomorrow, and the future. 
As for the small talk portion, Mary Kate, Rachel, And Mounzer discussed coffee preferences and what it means if you’re a black coffee drinker.  

Check out the full video for a bit of small talk, a bit of shop talk, and everything in between: 


Our team loves connecting with our customers for a little small talk and for a little shop talk, all while innovating for the industry at large. Want to learn how you can be part of the paradigm shift?

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