Small Talk Shop: Carrington’s Candace Russell on Balancing Business and Parenthood — VIDEO 

It’s hard to believe that it’s about to be a year since we debuted our first episode of Small Talk Shop. In our latest edition of Small Talk Shop (our customer spotlight series) — our hosts Rachel Crooks and Mary Kate Traficano sat down with Carrington Mortgage Service’s Candace Russell, to have a little small talk and talk a little shop. Something our Customer Success team really enjoys doing.  

Let’s get into this month’s episode: 
A 20+ year mortgage veteran, reliable Sagent customer, and an extraordinary working mom in the industry, Candace gives us a glimpse into her world of how she got into the business, and her belief that strength in numbers can create impactful change in our highly regulated environment.  

The trio also talked about what it means to support women in the workplace as they try to strike the right balance between work life, mom life, and personal life. 

Check out the full episode for a bit of small talk, a bit of shop talk, and everything in between: 


Our team loves connecting with our customers for a little small talk and for a little shop talk, all while innovating for the industry at large. Want to learn how you can be part of the paradigm shift?

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