Sagent’s Greg Lane Named A 2023 HW Insider

We are beyond excited to announce that Greg Lane was chosen by HousingWire for their 2023 Insider Award, but we’re not surprised. And here’s why: 

As Sagent’s Director of Finance (and a Sagent Standout), Greg monitors, analyzes, and anticipates key product decisions and partnership opportunities with a range of stakeholders in mind: his firm (that’s us!), America’s top servicers and their customers (that’s you!), a leading private equity firm, strategic partners, and potential acquisition targets. He understands that in a complex, highly regulated environment like mortgage servicing, product experts, engineering leaders, and mortgage veterans need their finance teams to drive (not hinder) successful business outcomes — and that’s why Greg’s awareness, foresight, and rapid, proactive decision-making is so impactful to Sagent’s short- and long-term success. 

 Here are a few of Greg’s recent accomplishments that support our mission and vision: 

  • Collaborated with internal product, customer success, sales, and marketing teams to determine the financial viability of new and specialty projects within the wider mortgage marketplace.
  • Created detailed financial models to evaluate M&A opportunities, considering the targeting, pricing, and promotion of new products and features within Sagent’s existing platform.
  • Partnered with Sagent customers to ensure continued, financially sound product execution across Sagent’s core (LoanServ), default (Tempo), and consumer (CARE) servicing platforms.  

But this award is about more than Greg’s exceptional resume and proven reliability. Greg is key to helping Sagent identify and execute on innovation opportunities by keeping the financials in check, ensuring our servicing customers and partners can achieve their wider business goals today and tomorrow.  

Each day, Greg exemplifies Sagent’s core values: 

Relevant: Greg understands the pressing need for Sagent’s suite of products to reflect the real-time issues servicers and homeowners face. With an eye on Sagent’s strategic vision and long-term financial plan, he grounds the firm’s financial outlook with in-the-trenches insight from servicing customers. 

Relentless: By consistently evaluating and iterating upon day-to-day processes, Greg embodies a steadfast willingness to observe, adapt, and perfect the way his team works to the benefit of Sagent customers and partners. 

Reliable: Greg equates reliability with consistency, and he prides himself on serving as a trusted, measured guide for his colleagues across the organization. Through astute analysis, unwavering preparedness, and steady consistency, Greg acts as an accelerator, not a roadblock, to servicing innovation as he seamlessly positions the financial unit to support Sagent’s aim to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem and deliver positive homeowner outcomes 

Greg, you’re a bonafide financial insider who makes us all feel like insiders, too. Working with you to support our $13T servicing sector is a true honor and we’re grateful to have you on Team Sagent. Congrats on your win and well-deserved recognition!   


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