Regan Kelly, Customer Success Manager Named Mortgage Women Magazine’s 2023 Mortgage Star

Sagent is proud to have a growing roster of relevant, relentless, and reliable women leaders in our org, and Regan Kelly, Customer Success Manager is a true standout as she powers a symbiotic relationship between Sagent’s customers and technology team, acting as a catalyst for our rapid, consumer-first innovation at scale. That’s why we’re so pleased to celebrate her latest recognition: 2023 Mortgage Star Awards from Mortgage Women Magazine.

According to Mortgage Women Magazine, this award honors the “women who light up our profession”, always reaching to do more for their clients, finding ways to be better mentors to their colleagues, and help set goals to achieve what others deemed impossible. These Mortgage Stars are women who rise above the rest. 

Read on to hear directly from Regan about her path to success as a woman leader in the mortgage space, as well as some solid advice for the future.

Have you had any great female mentors? What is the importance of mentoring and is this something that you focus on?

I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by a large number of reliable women leaders who make it their mission to strongly support other women’s career paths. Mentorship among women helps organizations become more equitable and inclusive. As we evolve as women leaders, I believe that mentorship can stray away from being a formal activity. We’re interacting every day, which makes advice-giving and leadership support easier to conduct.

Which of your leadership qualities do you think contributed most to your success?

My path to success heavily relies on teamwork. I wouldn’t be the customer success manager, or team member without the amazing team that I have supporting our efforts to build and execute on the future of servicing as we relentlessly execute on all customer needs.

What is the most important or valuable advice that can offer to women starting their careers in the mortgage industry?

Being siloed into a position is not the key to success. Challenging yourself with opportunities to expand your role into the position you want it to be is advice that I’ve lived by. We should be using a given title as a base to propel us forward in our careers. 

What contributions are you making to the future success of women in the mortgage industry?

I’m relentless about asking those tough questions, while standing my ground when I strongly believe in the response that I’m providing. This is impactful for women to see such strong assurance, with the goal to spark confidence in others to use their voice when fighting for what’s right in the workplace and their careers.

What are the main problems that women in the industry are facing today and what have you done to address or resolve them?

Women (and men) need more parental leave. Parental care is important for a work/life balance. I’m very open about asking these questions and understanding the nuances around maternity/paternity leave. 

What significant changes would you like to see in the mortgage industry?

An even heavier focus on DEI. Let’s not lose this momentum. Barriers and glass ceilings may have been broken, but let’s not stop there. Seeing more women, more people of color in leadership roles will further drive these initiatives.

Check out the full list of Mortgage Stars here.


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