Priya Seenath, SVP, Chief of Staff to the CTO Named 2023 NEXT Powerhouse Partner Award Winner

Sagent is stacked with brilliant women leaders who relentlessly support our future-of-servicing model. Our women leaders are constantly finding innovative ways to grow our tech stacks, creating seamless and efficient financial environments that better serve our customers, our partners, the homeowners we all serve (in good times and bad), and — in the long run — the industry at large. 

As we aspire toward our vision to fundamentally change the dynamics of America’s housing ecosystem to deliver positive homeowner outcomes, it’s without question that Priya Seenath drives relevant tech innovation to shift the paradigm in mortgage servicing. So, we’re deeply honored to announce that Priya has been selected as a 2023 NEXT Powerhouse Partner award winner.

A leader, advocate, and reliable mentor, Priya helps women in mortgage find their voices, nurturing tomorrow’s leaders to usher in the future of the industry. She’s been a force to be reckoned with in our industry for over a decade, having spent 9 years as Sagent’s strategic partner at Freedom Mortgage. Now, with nearly 6 months under her belt as a Sagent teammate, her influence has been deeply felt across the board by colleagues, customers, partners — and especially the women for whom she advocates.

When I talk to the women around me, I tell them that no matter our age, our color, or our size — our superpower is our voice. Being our authentic selves is a gift, and something that no one can take away from us.

Priya’s Powerhouse Mentality and its Impact at Sagent

A largely self-taught mortgage pro, she didn’t have connections when she started — but her magnetic attitude and winning spirit helped her connect with invaluable mentors (and mentees). Aligned with voices she could emulate, build up, and collaborate with, Priya is an unstoppable force activating large-scale technical execution in the $14T servicing space.

Priya voices the importance of delivering successful outcomes for servicers, homeowners, and the industry as she propels structure, organization, and execution within Sagent. She’s also helped Sagent find its niche as an accelerator in the specialized modernization of the largest and most complex sector of consumer finance. 

“Stop talking and execute,” is a favorite refrain that Priya lives by for herself and her team while she eagerly seeks out opportunities that showcase her team’s exciting work. But she also knows that great employee experiences breed spectacular customer outcomes, so she’s a big believer in letting the work speak for itself.

The Bottom Line

She’s a truthful voice to power, and understands the responsibility inherent to her own influence and point of view. An outspoken servant and leader, she embodies Sagent’s mission, passionately advocating for the team’s cloud-native execution and the teammates who are making Sagent’s vision a reality.

Congratulations again Priya! And thank you to NEXT for this well-deserved recognition.


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