Sagent’s Shailendra Singh Named a 2023 HousingWire Rising Star

With over a decade of software engineering experience in America’s $13 trillion servicing industry, Shailendra Singh embodies Sagent’s core persona as a Visionary Who Gets the Details. He leads the evolution of Sagent’s LoanServ platform, the industry’s real-time system of record that powers every iteration of escrow management, customer care, loan boarding, payments, and investor remittance, management, and reporting. 

Evidenced by his rapid rise from project delivery manager to his current role as director of software engineering and his deep partnerships with America’s top servicers, Shailendra understands how nuanced, progressive innovation leads to real change in the highly-regulated servicing space: stable, mistake-free pathway construction within existing infrastructure, then replacing old with new to create tangible, improved experiences for homeowners, investors, and servicers.

Shailendra’s impact is deeply felt at Sagent, and it’s no surprise he is getting noticed in the industry as well with his recent win as one of Housingwire’s 2023 cohort of Rising Stars.

According to HousingWire:

In its tenth year, this industry award is showcasing the up-and-coming leaders in housing who have had major accomplishments all before the age of 40. They help run major corporations, and are the entrepreneurs building tomorrow’s great businesses. They work in any and every area of the housing economy and come from diverse backgrounds but share one common trait — an outsized impact on the industry and within their businesses.

Read on to learn about how Shailendra has driven Sagent’s consumer-first modernization and empowered servicers across Sagent’s comprehensive suite of servicing technology platforms to offer a smarter, faster fintech for servicers and the homeowners we all serve.

Shailendra’s Rising Star Impact at Sagent

Sagent powers over $2 trillion in outstanding mortgage balances on its platforms and works in collaboration with servicing customers to create open-API models that give banks and lenders cost control and optionality on operations, customer service, and real-time compliance with real-time policymaking. Through continuous conversations with Sagent customer success and product teams, along with servicers themselves, Shailendra advances the ongoing evolution of the LoanServ system of record. 

Through LoanServ’s open-AI enterprise platform, Shailendra and his team empower servicers to customize workflows to 7,952 consumer-owned data points and access hundreds of product features that help their customer-facing teams streamline complex inquiries with quick, one-call outcomes. LoanServ touches every part of the mortgage lifecycle: from the onboarding process to processing real-time payments and disbursements to insight and visualization around loan performance and cash flow to secondary market reporting.

Over the last 12 months, Shailendra listened to Sagent’s servicing customers and delivered three high-priority features that meet their most pressing needs: single sign-on, real-time logging of loan activity, and zero-latency operational stability.

  • Single sign-on: When one of Sagent’s largest servicing customers challenged Shailendra to deliver the ability to securely manage front-end user access needs, he and his team rose to the challenge. They replaced a cumbersome process that involved third-party authenticators and gave back control to the customer, while still enabling enterprise-level security and management on the Sagent side.
  • Real-time activity loan logging: Shailendra led the replacement of batch or overnight processing with a system that provides real-time visibility into the activity of each loan. Previously, customers didn’t have insight into the billions of transactions that occur at night or at the individual loan level. After speaking with customer success teams, Shailendra and his team delivered granular, front-end insight into the status of every loan.
  • Zero-latency operational stability: Shailendra works hand-in-hand with servicing customers on user acceptance testing for every product release and new API, which ensures his team delivers a high-quality product with no negative unforeseen impact on a customer’s code base. He also implemented a tiered support plan to alleviate any latencies at the source, ensuring the thousands of customer-facing employees using LoanServ can provide real-time information to homeowners.

As he manages the core system of record products used by servicers today, Shailendra also coordinates closely alongside the Mr. Cooper team (post-2022 landmark deal) as they build the industry’s first cloud-native servicing platform. By facilitating knowledge sharing between the two freshly-merged organizations, Shailendra keeps his global team of over 150 fintech professionals in-line with best practices around operational stability and shares key learnings from the servicing trenches with new teammates as they, together, build the future of mortgage servicing.

The Bottom Line

Shailendra embodies Sagent’s core values of relentlessness and reliability. He pushes his team of over 150 people around the globe to work hard, but also understands the challenges they face, making himself available to guide them as needed. “Definitely not a micromanager”, Shailendra knows his team feels empowered to make key decisions on their own and with the confidence he’ll have their backs.

Under Shailendra’s leadership, his team has adopted his infectious passion for their mission and compassion for the challenges their customers face. By building a culture of respect, regardless of background or experience level, Shailendra built a relentless and reliable team: steadfast toward real improvement for America’s $13 trillion servicing industry and trusted by customers to listen, respond, and execute on their biggest technical challenges.


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