Jennifer Johnson, Sagent Sr. Director of Product Development, Wins Mortgage Women Magazine’s Women of Tech Award

Sagent has no shortage of brilliant women in leadership, and Jennifer Johnson, Senior Director of Product Development, has turned some heads in the industry with her unwavering product-development leadership. And that’s why we’re so pleased to celebrate her recent accolade, winning a 2023 Women of Tech award from Mortgage Women Magazine.

According to Mortgage Women Magazine, this award honors the “women of mortgage technology who are making an impact on the industry. The Women of Tech award recognizes and promotes the achievements and stories of women working within mortgage technology.”

Read on to hear directly from Jennifer to learn more about her path as a notable woman in mortgage tech:

What do you believe are the greatest challenges women in tech are facing today? What are your suggestions for overcoming these challenges?

The biggest challenge is the lack of women in leadership positions, which would benefit the growth of women in our industry. And the best way to overcome these challenges is to exude confidence in the work that we produce, and how we present ourselves to our employers, employees, customers, etc.

What led you down the path of working in technology?

I’ve been involved in several important campaigns, including the launch of a brand-new website from ideation to market launch. I was given the opportunity to be in the trenches of the project, which really sparked my interest in product management and technology.

What is the most important or valuable advice that you can offer to women starting their careers in tech today?

The advice I would offer would be: just do it.

Use your voice and be confident, but it’s important to understand that if you are unsure of anything, don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Do you have any mentors or figures who have greatly influenced your success?

At my previous company, one of my managers — who was one of the few women leaders in the tech department — helped me build my confidence and supported me during a highly visible project that I was presenting to a room of upper-level executives. Shelli Girard (Sagent teammate) is an inspiration as she manages a development team (predominantly men) and does it successfully.

What significant changes would you like to see within the world of mortgage technology?

As our industry continues to grow and evolve, I would love to see more women — at all levels — be recognized for their accomplishments, especially in mortgage technology.

Check out the full list of Women in Tech honorees here.


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