Sagent CPO Courtney Thompson Talks Managing the Servicing Ecosystem to Support Today’s Homeowners – PODCAST

As we embark into a new year, it’s imperative to look back at where we started to understand that modernizing servicing isn’t just a buzzword for our industry, but a crucial mission that we’ve marched toward for the past two years. Our Chief Product Officer, Courtney Thompson sat down with FinLocker’s President and COO, Brian Vieaux, earlier this year to discuss an array of topics that withstand the test of time, including mortgage servicing ecosystem concepts such as putting the homeowner first, the convergence of origination and servicing, digitization of mortgage, consumer adoption, and so much more.

Not to spoil anything, but at one point Courtney and Brian discussed the concept she calls “transmutation” which means transforming what is already being created into something bigger and better.

“I always talk about meeting humans where they are. And we really want this transformation for the homeowners, but in honor of the servicing operator.”

Courtney then goes on to discuss that fintech/consumer expectations/regulatory environments have dramatically evolved in the servicing ecosystem — especially since 2008-10 — and how by tying these ecosystems together, you can be an originator, servicer, etc. that delivers control, loyalty, and education to the homeowner, all on a platform they trust.

You definitely want to add this podcast to your queue and hear it in its entirety.

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