Sagent VP of Software Dev. Shelli Girard Named HousingWire 2022 Tech Trendsetter

Without mortgage expertise, fintech is just a buzzword, and deep mortgage technologists like Shelli Girard make our fintech future real while adding a steady hand in a rough market cycle; with Shelli’s forthright, collaborative leadership, Sagent delivers experiences that serve not just homeowners, but also lenders, banks, investors, GSEs, regulators, and ecosystem partners.

At the root of Sagent’s homeowner-first servicing vision lies Sagent CARE, Sagent’s consumer servicing platform that links a modern, bank-on-your-phone experience for homeowners with smart human advice — and behind Sagent CARE is Sagent’s fintech trendsetter Shelli Girard. And HousingWire agrees, recently selecting Shelli as a HousingWire 2022 Tech Trendsetter in mortgage.

As Sagent’s VP of Software Development, Shelli builds and evolves Sagent’s cloud-native, open API platforms that power daily servicing, default management, and homeowner care and retention in America’s $12T mortgage servicing market. 

Here’s what HousingWire had to say about the 2022 cohort of Tech Trendsetters:

This year’s 2022 HousingWire Tech Trendsetters have a long list of achievements that are driving the industry’s digital transformation. These tech execs aren’t just streamlining mundane practices, they are helping to tackle major, industry-wide issues like housing equality, racial bias and finding ways to help under-served markets to build wealth through homeownership.

Read on to learn a bit more about Shelli’s impact at Sagent.

Shelli’s Impact at Sagent

Shelli Girard is the Vice President of Software Development at Sagent, America’s most modernized scale loan servicing software company which powers more than $2 trillion in outstanding mortgage balances for top banks and lenders serving millions of consumers. She has combined her computer-science education with more than seven years of expertise in the mortgage ops trenches to build industry-changing LOS, decisioning, and default-management platforms.

Shelli’s unwavering tech trendsetter approach to solving giant consumer finance and housing problems with her Sagent teams shows up tactically when she gets in the weeds with teams on stack-trace debugging and real-time troubleshooting, or connecting Azure Application Insights & Monitoring tools to Sagent’s CARE consumer platform to help servicers dynamically allocate resources for high-volume days — like when borrowers typically make mortgage payments.

And it shines strategically where Shelli has led the migration from older technology to cloud-based architecture ensuring zero downtime, speed, and real-time data for servicers and borrowers. 

In the last 12 months, Shelli has kept Sagent ahead of those consumer and mortgage servicer expectations with several key milestones, including:

  • Led her global team to build over 140+ feature improvements across Sagent’s servicing platforms
  • Executed an end-to-end migration of Sagent’s CARE platform from on-premise software to an Azure Cloud-based application while the system was running live with over 1 million users
  • Partnered with Ability Digital Accessibility Co. (formerly OnlineADA) to test, troubleshoot, and certify Sagent CARE as ADA Compliant
  • Managed an organization that delivers releases on a 6-8 week release cycle while maintaining the highest quality and stability of the application expected by Sagent’s servicing customers and their homeowners
  • Transformed Sagent’s consumer experience platform, Sagent CARE, to a microservices architecture to allow her team to develop, test, troubleshoot, deploy, and update services independently for much faster deployment and error resolution  

Her hybrid resume is perfectly suited to meet today’s market priority of rewiring America’s giant mortgage servicing industry for homeowners, banks/lenders, investors, regulators, and the fintech ecosystem overall. Shelli is the executive technical lead for several of Sagent’s servicing platforms — including Sagent CARE (consumer experience platform) and LoanBoard (new loan boarding) — leading global teams across Engineering, Quality Assurance, and Production Support.

The Bottom Line

Sagent’s servicers — and their homeowners — are the beneficiaries of Shelli’s exacting tech trendsetter leadership that powers a responsive, reliable application that just works, whether they’re on a mobile device or on their desktop PC.

Shelli Girard’s delivery of homeowner-friendly and cutting-edge technology at the largest scale indeed sets the trend for fintech in mortgage and housing, and the cloud-native solutions Sagent delivers on her watch transform “customer for life” from tagline to reality.

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