Sagent EVP, Strategic Sales Mikhail Cook on the Importance of Homeowner-First Servicing in a Tumultuous Market — PODCAST

Fintech innovation and modernization have been slower to take root in mortgage servicing, in large part due to the nuance, scale, and complexity of this industry. But Sagent is determined to drive that innovation with the homeowner at the center of it all, and Mikhail Cook, Sagent’s EVP of Strategic Sales, recently appeared on the CONNECT by California MBA podcast to explain how we’re making that happen.

Over the course of the conversation, Mikhail dug into how Sagent remains homeowner-first while empowering servicers to maintain compliance even in difficult market cycles:

At the beginning of the pandemic, Sagent really emerged as one of the first companies to enable digital hardship and forbearance support for our customers, and we have been very focused on helping our customers and their consumers address the unique challenges of the times. We’ve really designed an experience that allows servicers to guide homeowners through periods of financial uncertainty to arrive at the best outcome for all parties involved.

Mikhail goes on to explain why tech innovation has been slower to proliferate in servicing,

“Modernizing servicing technology is in many ways the last frontier of the fintech era because it’s the biggest, most regulated, and most complex of all financial services, but Sagent’s mission is rooted in a belief that the consumer must be at the center of the servicing world. I’m really proud of how we help servicers maintain real-time compliance and customer care amidst these rapidly shifting market and policy changes.”

He goes on to examine what processes and digital tools the industry is gravitating toward in a late-stage pandemic environment, why it’s so crucial to keep the consumer at the center of the servicing process, and how Sagent powers smart self-service without losing the human element that’s so essential for driving lifetime homeowner retention and satisfaction.

This is a can’t-miss podcast so be sure to add it to your queue and hear it in its entirety.

Listen to the full podcast here:


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