Sagent CEO Dan Sogorka on How Sagent Is Shifting the Mortgage Servicing Paradigm — PODCAST

Whether we’re weathering market lows or celebrating market highs, fintech remains core to how Sagent operates, and we’re creating opportunities for innovation along the way as we shift the servicing status quo towards a human-first ethos. Our CEO Dan Sogorka recently appeared on the MortgageVault podcast hosted by VaultEdge to dig into exactly what Sagent is doing differently to embrace the tumultuous mortgage market head-on.

Over the course of his discussion with host Murali Tirupati, Dan explains how Sagent’s approach — powered by empathy — prioritizes effective outcomes for consumers, which in turn produces benefits for investors:

What we’re trying to do is focus on the human element for all parties involved — servicers, consumers and homeowners, employees, investors, regulators. How can we really focus on the human element across all of those constituencies? How can we maximize the value and really make things better? We set out to do this first from a tech perspective focused on the homeowner. The industry traditionally treats homeowners like assets, just like the homes they’re in — but these are real people living in these homes.

Ultimately, Dan explains, the industry needs to be surgical, focus on specific needs, and trust people to deploy the right kind of technology; if they can do that, servicing will remain strong, even in the face of a likely recession.

Listen to the full podcast here:


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