Sagent CPO Courtney Thompson Talks Managing Servicing Through Difficult Market Cycles — PODCAST

Sagent’s Chief Product Officer Courtney Thompson recently chatted with HW’s CEO Clayton Collins during their podcast, Housing News. The conversation was packed with insights about managing servicing technology through new market cycles, MSR valuations, the role of blockchain in servicing, and SO much more.

Not to spoil anything, but at one point Courtney and Clayton discussed a concept she calls “convergence” which involves the integration of origination and servicing into a single ecosystem, and we just had to highlight part of her quote:

You cannot have a customer for life unless you manage and master the servicing process, the longest relationship that a financial institution will ever have with a consumer. And that, ultimately, is what we’re doing at Sagent.

Listen in for a few chuckles, interesting historical tidbits, and thoughts about what creating “customers for life” really means for origination and servicing.

Listen to the full podcast here:


If you want to build relationships with homeowners to create customers for life, let us show you how our consumer-focused tech will help you do exactly that.

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