Sagent CPO Courtney Thompson Wins HousingWire 2022 Women of Influence Award

Software and technology changes organizations and industries, and Sagent’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) Courtney Thompson leads this change in America’s $12 trillion mortgage servicing industry while honoring the human experience. That’s what makes Sagent different, and what makes Courtney a HousingWire Women of Influence Award winner in 2022. 

For Sagent, America’s top mortgage servicers, and the millions of American homeowners we all serve – Courtney is the one that just makes it all work together. Tech innovation is nothing without the humans powering it, and with Courtney’s leadership, Sagent remains relentless in keeping the grand, transformative vision we all seek connected to the compassionate, detailed execution we all need as we grind it out in the trenches. 

Here’s HousingWire on how they chose Courtney and others as 2022 Women of Influence:

“The 2022 Women of Influence program represents a cohort of women who have emerged stronger than before, prepared to make the journey smoother and more accessible for those who will follow. Among their outstanding achievements, these women are using their platforms to support and empower others in the industry while simultaneously improving processes that can provide great access to homeownership for women.”

Courtney's Quote for HW win

And here are a few highlights of Sagent and Courtney’s reliable delivery of relevant, homeowner-first innovation in recent months.

Courtney’s Passion for Consumer-First Tech

Sagent powers trillions in mortgage balances for its bank and lender customers – who in turn serve millions of homeowners – and, since joining Sagent as CPO eight months ago, Courtney has accelerated Sagent’s human approach to innovation across Sagent’s core servicing, default, and consumer software platforms

She has delivered the following results in these early months of her Sagent journey:

  • Underpinned by her legal, compliance, and default management operations background, Courtney built an industry-best servicing operations advisory team, which, combined with world-class software, has led to Sagent advising many of America’s top servicers on future strategy.


  • Added Mr. Cooper, one of America’s largest servicers with a $796 billion portfolio, as both a customer and software innovation partner.


  • Deployed next-gen Sagent data platform, making Sagent the only scale SaaS with real-time, cross-platform sync.


  • Began integrating the Sagent and Mr. Cooper technology teams to accelerate the building of the industry’s first complete cloud-native platform that covers core, default, and consumer servicing with real-time synced systems.


  • Worked with Sagent sales team to add three new customers in 1Q22, which is six for six new customer wins vs. competitors over the last 2 quarters.


  • Worked with Sagent customer success team to re-sign every customer due for renewals to multi-year deals. 

“We Are Here To Help”

Courtney understands the importance of supporting tech innovation that supports servicers and homeowners in real-time markets with complex real-time state and Federal regs. 

Five words describe what Courtney and Sagent stand for: “We are here to help.”

whether through leveraging new/emerging technologies, changing policy, mastering data management, or architecting better solutions for high-risk regulatory issues.








Let us make you a hero to your customers. We are here to help!

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