How Servicers Can Deliver the Human Element of Push-Button Mortgages — Part 2

We believe the most impactful fintech innovations combine a bank-on-your-phone experience with on-demand smart human advice — aka the human element. In part 1 of MReport’s tech briefing, Sagent’s CEO Dan Sogorka shared how intertwining tech expertise with deep operational knowledge will drive winning processes while preparing banks and lenders for the future with cloud-native, open-API models that give them the ability to be sympathetic and responsive to the customer with optionality and cost control.

As we dive into part two of this series, Dan focuses on the digital future of lending and servicing, and what the industry can expect next. He shared these observations about current and upcoming trends in consumer-focused servicing tech:

From Sagent, the industry can expect us to continue to execute alongside our customers every day as we build stable solutions that serve their most pressing needs.

Data-first, cloud-native platforms that keep customers in control of their finances and financial institutions in control of their tech spend will spur rapid, ongoing innovation without surprises or waste.

He continued, “Mortgage tech companies that empower their customers to operate in the ways that they see fit will ensure they can come out on top of market consolidation opportunities as this cycle plays out. The winning firms of the future will maintain a fintech development mindset while delivering scale solutions and custom service at reasonable costs.”

Dan's quote from MReport

One of our core values at Sagent is “Deliver Today, Build for Tomorrow,” and it clarifies our commitment to offer solid solutions that tackle today’s challenges while rapidly innovating for the future. It’s not just lip service… for example, take a look at this demo of the next generation of CARE and watch this session about how we’re building the homeowner-focused future of servicing. We’re passionate about creating a future where homeowners can enjoy digital simplicity paired with a human touch while maintaining mutually beneficial, lifetime relationships with servicers.

Watch this space to stay up to date about the ways we’re powering your servicing organization’s future.


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