Sagent Continues Hot Streak with 2022 HousingWire Tech 100 Win

To say Sagent has been on a hot streak over the last year would be a massive understatement.

You might have read about our landmark deal with Mr. Cooper that we announced in early February, or about our two new powerhouse execs (Courtney Thompson as Chief Product Officer and Wendy Lee as Chief Legal Officer). And that’s all within the past month.

We’re making big moves, and the industry is taking notice. That’s why it feels extra sweet to announce that we’ve been chosen again as one of HousingWire’s Tech 100 winners in mortgage.

As HousingWire explained, the “winners in today’s housing economy have latched onto the concept of sustaining innovation. These are the companies and solutions demonstrate a new era of innovators that understand the dynamics of the housing industry.”

For those still catching up, here’s a bit of background on what we accomplished last year:

In 2021, we exceeded annual revenue targets by renewing, expanding, and adding customer relationships (including a 6-year expansion with CLS, a 7-year expansion with Servion, and a 10-year partnership with Land Home), and closed and advanced critical strategic deals (most notably Figure) to accelerate modernization.

Over the last year, our consumer-first servicing modernization leadership has produced the following results (based on a 2021 ROI study performed by a third party with Sagent clients):

  • 84% of servicers on Sagent said they can service more loans with Sagent than another platform.
  • 82% of servicers on Sagent believe Sagent’s truly real-time data (the only major servicing software firm to have this across performing, nonperforming, and consumer platforms) has a material impact on their operations and customer service.
  • 90% of servicers on Sagent believe its performing servicing system of record LoanServ saves time relative to similar options in the marketplace.

True disruptors know that building and maintaining momentum is essential, and Sagent’s product, customer, and partner pipelines are set up for even bigger, faster progress in 2022.

Everything we’ve done in the last year has been motivated by our hunger to build a smarter, faster Sagent that, in turn, can make the entire servicing ecosystem smarter and faster to empower our customers and, most importantly, the homeowners we all serve.

2022 is already off with a bang for Sagent, and we’ll continue to push harder than ever this year to deliver on this vision. Thank you to our clients, our amazing team, and HousingWire for adding fuel to this fire.


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