How Sagent’s HousingWire Tech 100 Win Fuels Our Servicing Modernization Vision

Big things have been happening at Sagent lately.

We rebranded our company and products last month; we have recently announced several key partnership expansions; and now we’re thrilled to land on HousingWire’s Tech 100 list for 2021.

The annual HousingWire Tech 100 Mortgage list is comprised of industry shining stars who are “leading the way toward a more innovative and efficient housing market.”

As HousingWire explained:

“The 2021 Tech100 Mortgage winners are revolutionizing the mortgage process – from origination to closing, and servicing to secondary markets. Most importantly – they are helping mortgage lenders and services deliver outsized growth driven by innovation and impact.”

The 2021 Tech 100 Mortgage list is all about shining a light on the disruptive powers that be in the market. The list of winners features those companies who “took digital disruption to a whole new level and propelled a complete digital revolution” in 2020 with tech solutions the empower mortgage professionals to “capture market share, retain borrowers and improve margins.”

We’re proud to be included on this year’s list of HW Tech 100 winners because it signals that our efforts to cultivate and facilitate a modernized, consumer-first servicing ethos are successful.

Let’s take a quick look back at how Sagent has made our consumer-first modernization vision actionable for servicers over the last year.


Consumer-First Servicing Modernization: A 2020 Retrospective

In 2020, COVID made servicing the center of the housing finance universe, and Sagent was on the front lines, powering servicers with the right tools to care for borrowers rattled by economic upheaval while maintaining real-time compliance with real-time policy changes coming out of Washington.

As mid-March 2020 COVID lockdowns escalated to 4.3 million forbearances for American homeowners by mid-June, Sagent led housing fintech by being the first scale system of record servicers could tag and track loans with a COVID-specific forbearance designation on day one.

This enabled immediate, transparent self-serve forbearances for consumers. And it meant flawless accounting, full loan lifecycle clarity, and real-time visibility for lenders and their investors and regulators.

As CARES homeowner relief policies went live and permeated agency and non-agency guidelines during this 2Q20 pandemic spike, Sagent powered seamless real-time lender compliance with the maze of new regs —including CARES-alloted forbearance extensions and Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae interpretations of CARES payment deferral policies. 

And while most lender servicing systems scrambled to code pandemic methodology into their ancient infrastructure, Sagent was powering fast homeowner hardship self-serve and real-time configurability to ensure servicer compliance with real-time policy changes.

How? Because Sagent’s modern platform lets lenders simply configure (rather than re-code) for real-time compliance changes. 

As forbearances mature in 2021, Sagent’s TEMPO and CARE systems deliver real-time, fully compliant loss mitigation decisioning for lenders, and clear, compassionate presentation and implementation of options to strained homeowners. 

In 2021, Sagent’s three flagship suites power customer retention for lenders at the last, most critical interval of this refi boom, which protects loan portfolios just as MSR values start rising with an improving economy.


Smarter. Faster. Sagent.

Everything we’ve done in the last year has been motivated by our hunger to build a smarter, faster Sagent that, in turn, can make the entire servicing ecosystem smarter and faster to empower our customers and the consumers they serve.

Servicing modernization is the last, most complex frontier of modernizing consumer finance because it’s where lifetime customer relationships are managed and grown.

And Sagent will push harder than ever this year to deliver on this vision. Thank you to our clients, our amazing team, and HousingWire for adding fuel to this fire. 


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