Sagent’s Quest To Rebrand All Of Loan Servicing

As a fintech CEO whose job is to deliver smarter, faster technology to banks and lenders, I believe brand is core to that job. Brand is way more than a logo. It’s the full product and service experience we deliver to customers, consumers, employees, regulators, partners, investors … everyone.

So as we roll out our new brand this month, it’s not only about a smarter, faster Sagent. It’s about working with you to make our whole ecosystem smarter and faster for the consumers we all ultimately serve. That said, here are 3 notes on Sagent’s new brand, products we’re building for you, and what we mean by consumer-first servicing modernization.


I got started as Sagent’s CEO almost one year ago, as COVID lockdowns rolled across America. The pandemic accelerated my thesis about a long economic growth cycle eventually turning and making mortgage loan servicing a focal point. And boy was it a sharp turn:

– On March 2, 2020, there were 0.25% of U.S. mortgages in forbearance.

– By June 28, 2020, this spiked to a peak of 8.39%, which was 4.2 million homeowner hardships.

We got rapid relief policies allowing year-long forbearances (plus a new 6-month extension last month).

And while most lender servicing systems scrambled to code pandemic methodology into their ancient infrastructure, Sagent was powering fast homeowner hardship self-serve and real-time configurability to ensure servicer compliance with real-time policy changes.

That’s the Sagent brand: caring for you so you can care for consumers when they need it most.

Below is a diagram of the new Sagent’s five core tenets as we power you and the millions of consumers you serve.

Sagent Logo - Anatomy of the mark


In four words, Sagent is about consumer-first servicing modernization.

This vision is centered on three core platforms:

Sagent 3 Core Platforms - LoanServ, TEMPO, and CARE

LOANSERV is the industry’s most modern servicing system of record, with scale compliance, reporting, real-time payments, and happy borrowers for all loan types.

TEMPO gives you fully-configurable default management to power hardship lifecycle for borrowers, investors, attorneys, vendors, and regulators.

CARE (formerly Account Connect) runs your customer attention, retention, engagement using your brand, and powers borrower self-serve while modernizing your care during customers’ good AND tough times.

These platforms are built by our loan servicing pros for your loan servicing pros and consumers.

Sagent circa 2021 is moving faster than ever on our consumer-first modernization vision, and each week and month brings new enhancements we’re eager to show you.


For me to even write that last sentence, it took our team a year to rethink and rewire Sagent for the enormous responsibility of powering America’s top banks and lenders.

Our new brand is a representation of our ability to move fast for you.

I’ve been fortunate to help mainstream some key mortgage SaaS software platforms before and after the Great Recession. This includes helping lead the consumer-first modernization of mortgage originations.

Now it’s finally time for the servicing modernization era.

This is daily, deep work that requires huge scale and resources.

We’ve made meaningful progress in my first 11 months as Sagent’s CEO. With this foundation — and close partnership with some of the world’s most powerful investors — we’ll accelerate faster for you each week of 2021.

Servicing modernization is the last, most complex frontier of consumer finance modernization.

And Sagent is here to finish the job for you.

Our new brand isn’t just about a smarter, faster Sagent. It about working with you to make our whole ecosystem smarter and faster for the consumers we all ultimately serve.


Want to go deeper on consumer-first servicing modernization? Reach out! We'd love to chat.

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