Inside Sagent’s New Powerhouse Executive Team

Meet the visionaries leading Sagent’s drive to modernize loan servicing

However you look at it, 2020 has been a wild ride. Amidst all the chaos, the Sagent team has found a much-needed silver lining in our ambitious new team of executives.

If you’ve seen us in the press lately, it’s likely because you’ve heard the buzz about this group of talented leaders coming together to help Sagent modernize mortgage servicing and cultivate a consumer-first ethos in the servicing industry.

We thought you might want to get acquainted with this team of visionaries, as you’ll likely be hearing about them a lot in the months and years to come as they push Sagent to the forefront of modern servicing technology and revolutionize how servicers do business.

So, without further ado, here’s an inside look at the new powerhouse executives who have joined Sagent in 2020:

Dan Sagorka, CEO & President

Dan’s LinkedIn

Leading the charge at Sagent is our new CEO and President, Dan Sagorka. Since joining Sagent in March 2020, Dan already been an integral asset in helping us realize our vision to reinvent and modernize how banks and lenders power the consumer lending experience. Dan has rapidly scaled up product development to introduce new features and configurations that help servicers more quickly adapt to the pandemic-driven changes that have upended the market.

“Loan servicing must be as much about anticipating and exceeding consumer expectations as it is about anticipating and managing lender risk. Sagent is a modern platform using data and analytics to earn customer loyalty, lower lender servicing costs, ensure compliance, and increase the value of servicing rights throughout full market cycles.” — Dan Sagorka

Dan has led digital transformation in housing for two decades. Before joining Sagent, he served as CEO of digital mortgage point of sale provider Cloudvirga, President of EXOS Technologies, EVP of Servicelink, a $1 billion revenue subsidiary of Fidelity National Financial, and Division President at mortgage servicing and data provider Black Knight.

Tim von Kaenel, EVP, Chief Innovation Officer

Tim’s LinkedIn

In July, Sagent brough on product leader Tim von Kaenel as Chief Innovation Officer. In this newly created role of Chief Innovation Officer, Tim will drive Sagent’s product vision and M&A to bring that same consumer sensibility to scale mortgage servicing.

“Homeowners must be able to manage their entire homeownership lifecycle themselves, plus get smart human advice whenever they want. After being on the front lines of modernizing originations, it’s a natural progression to expand this vision to servicing. Sagent is the right company with the right resources for us to deliver this vision to servicers.” — Tim von Kaenel

As chief product officer for America’s fifth largest retail mortgage lender LoanDepot as well as point of sale leader Cloudvirga, Tim helped usher in the digital mortgage era by bringing push-button, phone-based simplicity to mortgage originations. 

Uday Devalla, Chief Technology Officer

Uday’s LinkedIn

Uday Devalla is the most recent visionary to join Sagent’s executive team. Uday came on board as Chief Technology Officer in September with an aim to accelerate mortgage servicing modernization and cultivate a consumer-first sensibility to the mortgage servicing space.

“The mortgage servicing tech stack isn’t just a system of record to keep lenders efficient, profitable, and compliant,” said Devalla. “It also must be the lifetime customer engagement and retention platform for customers, providing omnichannel advice and care during good and challenging times.” — Uday Devalla

Uday has led engineering, digital transformation, information security, and regtech strategy in housing for more than two decades. Most recently, he led technology transformation as Chief Information Officer at Stearns Lending, a top mortgage bank that also powers home lending for America’s most prominent fintech challenger bank. Under Uday, Stearns led digital transformation in U.S. mortgage originations, and now he’s bringing that same transformation to servicing. 

Prior to that, he also served as a technology executive at Bank of America (and its predecessor organization Countrywide), where he helped build and run the industry’s first non-agency automated underwriting system and proprietary loan origination system. 

Jesse Decker, EVP of Customer Success

Jesse’s LinkedIn

In May, Jesse Decker joined Sagent as our new EVP of Customer Success. Jesse brings over 20 years of experience in the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors leading IT strategy and system design, development and implementation, program and project management, and strategic planning and organizational improvement efforts.  

“Our role in the industry is where attention, retention, and engagement meets. We help borrowers minimize disruption during challenging times (like now) and seize opportunities during good times. By modernizing the loan servicing and homeownership experience, Sagent enables our consumers to take control of their loans through self-service options and helps mortgage servicer customers redefine and drive modern-day servicing best practices.” — Jesse Decker

Most recently, Jesse led and developed customer-facing teams at top mortgage origination fintechs Roostify and Cloudvirga, which serve America’s largest banks and lenders. She also spent 15 years in tech strategy for America’s largest consulting firms, as well as many years in a boutique firm founded by ex-Deloitte partners. 

David Doyle, EVP of Business Development

David’s LinkedIn

Also in May, David Doyle came on as Sagent’s new EVP of Business Development. David joins Sagent following a 24-year career at Bank of America where he led a number of large, transformative programs with titles including National Sales Executive, Consumer Lending’s Chief Operating Officer, Products & Pricing Executive for Consumer Lending, and Home Loans Underwriting & Fulfillment Executive. 

“The current crisis means it’s more important than ever to care for and engage homeowners in a modern way. At Sagent, we believe it is our responsibility to help our industry show homeowners that we’ve learned from the problems everyone experienced in the last housing crisis.  That’s the value of extensive industry experience at Sagent.  We remember.”  — David Doyle

David’s expertise is especially relevant in the COVID era. Following the 2008 financial crisis, he leveraged this experience at the industry and regulatory levels to help restore the health of the housing finance system. 

Shawn Stroud, Director of Information Security

Shawn’s LinkedIn

In July, Shawn Stroud joined Sagent as Director of Information Security. Shawn joins Sagent with 25 years of mortgage information security experience, most recently from Computershare, a giant in mortgage compliance and other technical services.

“As a servicing system of record, Sagent must keep America’s largest financial institutions secure and in real-time compliance with real-time policymaking. This requires a world-class team with scale security and compliance resources. I’m proud to join Sagent’s innovation, engineering, and policy teams to keep servicers, homeowners, and the American housing system safe.” — Shawn Stroud


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