What Do Sagent’s 2 New EVPs Think About COVID Recovery & Remaking Homeownership?

Sagent continues to move fast on our vision to remake loan servicing and homeownership from the consumer perspective. This week, we’re thrilled to let our customers and partners know  we’ve added two veteran executive leaders to serve you: David Doyle, as EVP of Business Development, and Jesse Decker, as EVP of Customer Success. These are the latest in a series of key hires by our CEO Daniel Sogorka to build a world-class executive team that’ll bring consumer sensibility to mortgage servicing.

“The American consumer expects a bank-on-your-phone experience, and Sagent is bringing this to mortgage servicing once and for all,” said Sogorka. “To do that, we need an executive team with experience, energy, and grit.”

Doyle and Decker bring these qualities to serve our customers, and both are already in the trenches with America’s top banks and lenders helping them modernize their homeowner lifetime engagement. 

Supporting Servicers & Homeowners in a Stressful Time

Doyle, who joins Sagent following a 24-year career at Bank of America, understands from the last housing crisis how to navigate the COVID economy. 

“The current crisis means it’s more important than ever to care for and engage homeowners in a modern way,” said Doyle. “At Sagent, we believe it is our responsibility to help our industry show homeowners that we’ve learned from the problems everyone experienced in the last housing crisis.  That’s the value of extensive industry experience at Sagent.  We remember.”  

Decker, who has 20 years of experience in fintech, consulting, and change management, agreed. “We believe servicers should be among the most important financial partners to homeowners throughout their lifetime financial journey.  Our role is to make sure banks and lenders who service loans operate together in lockstep with their customers according to the urgency and pace they require.”

Both homeowners and servicers are going through a tremendously stressful time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Our software enables better borrower engagement and makes servicers’ jobs easier with features like social-distance-friendly self-serve solutions and streamlined needs lists for loan modifications,” said Decker.

Keeping Americans in their Homes

Sogorka said Sagent’s core 2020 goal is to support servicers in the work needed to keep borrowers in their homes.

Doyle agreed, adding: 

“The 2008 crisis was characterized by chaos in the loss mitigation space. Loss mitigation solutions are always complex and require proper software for servicers to manage both risk and customer experience. We just didn’t have that last time. But with Sagent, we do.” 

And critical servicer- and homeowner-facing components of Sagent can be stood up very fast.  

Facilitating Essential Communication

One key capability those components afford is better communication.

To that end, Sagent gives servicers the ability to communicate securely and directly with borrowers about updates in loan status, available programs, and action needed to stay in their homes.

Borrowers with access to Sagent’s suite of tools can more easily communicate with their servicers about their financial circumstances, and do so in any and all ways that make them feel most comfortable.

Rethinking Mortgage Servicing

The days of servicers just processing and collecting payments are over. 

Sagent is helping America’s banks and lenders usher in a new era where servicing is about customer care, attention, retention, and lifetime engagement. 

Let’s connect and discuss how we can modernize your technology and lower your servicing costs while remaining compliant and increasing the value of your MSRs through full market cycles.

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