Introducing Sagent Lending Technologies

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Fiserv Lending Solutions is now Sagent Lending Technologies

New Brand Reflects Focus on Helping Lenders Grow Wisely
with Scalable, Configurable, and Compliant Solutions

King of Prussia, Pa. September 20, 2018 – Fiserv Lending Solutions announced today the launch of its new brand identity. The joint venture between Fiserv and Warburg Pincus will now be known as Sagent Lending Technologies, a new identity that reflects the company’s values and dedication to improving the lending experience for both lenders and borrowers. Sagent Lending Technologies helps their lending clients succeed by empowering them to exceed borrower expectations, increase efficiency, and improve agility in an ever-changing compliance environment.

The name Sagent is a combination of two words, sage and agent. Sage refers to the three decades of experience helping lenders grow and highlights its associates’ expertise. The word agent highlights its goal to act as an agent of change and growth within the lending industry. The company’s sage leaf icon represents growth and new opportunities and the two halves of the whole leaf symbolize the seamless joining together of the company with its clients. With its new corporate identity, Sagent Lending Technologies has introduced the tagline “grow wisely.”

“With a refreshed brand identity that highlights our differentiated approach and a dedication to our clients, we are positioned to grow and take on any challenge,” said Bret Leech, CEO of Sagent Lending Technologies. “Both lender needs and borrower expectations are evolving rapidly so we are investing in our technology to keep our clients several steps ahead of their competition. Sagent Lending Technologies delivers innovative ways to make the lending experience better for everyone, with solutions that cater to our clients’ unique business needs. Sagent is there to help our clients deliver on their brand promises.”

Sagent Lending Technologies is a leading innovator in automotive lending origination technology, automotive lending servicing technology, and process solutions, as well as comprehensive mortgage and consumer loan servicing solutions.

A complete description of Sagent Lending Technologies’ solutions can be found at

About Sagent Lending Technologies
Sagent Lending Technologies improves the lending experience for everyone. The company’s suite of comprehensive origination, servicing, and processing offerings come together to deliver flexible, scalable, and configurable solutions that deliver on the brand commitments of our clients. With Sagent’s solutions, lenders and servicers can delight borrowers, increase efficiency, and improve agility in an ever-changing compliance environment. Sagent is a joint venture that combines Fiserv Inc.’s decades of market-leading lending expertise with Warburg Pincus’ skill in growing technology companies. Visit to learn more.

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