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Request Support ID/Password

In order to have your User ID and password for the support site e-mailed to you, please enter your e-mail address below and click Send. It may take a few seconds to look up your information in our client database. Only exact matches to e-mail addresses in our database may be obtained. Further, your Account and Contact records must be active.

Note: In the event that you have multiple contact records, all of your active User IDs and passwords will be mailed to you in a single response. An example of this would be that your company has separate contracts with Pitney Bowes Software, each contract licensing different products, and you are listed as a contact on each of those. Each ID will only have access to those products and platforms to which it is associated.

Note: For DOC1 Support, please use the DOC1 Support Site. These IDs do not pertain to that site.